Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to Create Your Brand Experience

For the longest time I didn't really get business. I didn't get that the soul of business was branding I learned some techniques I though would help, but I was missing the soul piece of feeling! It all happened by accident really, but one day I sat down and looked at all of my favorite brands. I thought to myself, man...I feel so hopeful and magical when I experience these brands. I was just like, hey, I want to do that too! So I did one simple thing, I decided how I wanted to make people feel.

Once I did this I got clear on how I wanted to convey this feeling. I knew it would be through beautiful images. I immediately hired a web designer and became dedicated to producing amazing photos. Although these first steps weren't that major, they worked! People got it. Almost instantly I had people writing me telling that my branding made them feel the exact way that I set out to make them feel. I thought this was THE coolest thing ever, but I was still missing something. I realized it was value.

It wasn't until I removed myself(ego) from my brand that I was able to truly build it by offering value to others. To do this I simply focused on what I could provide that would help my ideal audience. I also considered how the value I could offer related to what I loved and how I wanted to make others feel. This is where I found Brand Experience Hot Spot - the unique brand experience that only I could offer. I created a fun sheet for you to do the same.  First complete and download the Brand Experience Feeling Fun Sheet. To find your unique brand experience answer the questions below and download the Brand Experience Hot Spot Fun Sheet

Brand Experience Feeling Exercise

1. Describe the feeling that represents your brand.

2. What does the feeling look like?

3. How is the feeling expressed?

4. What colors represent that feeling?

5. What fonts convey that feeling?

6. What styles convey that feeling?

Brand Experience Hot Spot Exercise

1. How do you want to make others feel?

2. What do you love?

3. How can you help?

What do you want others to feel when they experience your brand for the first time?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to Discover Your Ideal Client

An ideal client can be as elusive as a unicorn. In fact, you seriously may think she doesn't exist. It took me a really long time to find you, my ideal client, but I'm happy to say I have. I really struggled to get to this point. Not knowing exactly who I was talking to made it hard for me to offer any value that was of use to anyone. Until finally, one day, I just took all the bits and pieces of what I knew about finding your ideal client and put them together in a way that works for me. I'm sure you're wondering why your ideal client is important. Well, it's because you want to be able to connect and engage with her. You want to know her so well that you can talk directly to her and ultimately cater to her needs.

You see, my ideal client likes to learn. One of her main characteristics is curiosity. She also happens to have an entrepreneurial spirit and she loves to create. She loves the idea of creating something that can inspire others and change them for the better. She has big dreams for herself, but she also knows it's important to enjoy right now and that's why she's just as interested in building an empire as she is in improving her life and style in a way that makes her feel good. She believes in celebrating even the littlest of things. You can find her looking for tips on how to create an amazing brand, because she knows that experience makes all the difference in business and you can find her looking for tips on bettering her life, home, and style because she knows that she herself must be in a good place if she wants to help others get there too! 

If I just described you, guess what? You're my ideal client (sign up for my email list)and it's taken a bit of research to find out exactly what it is you needed, but boy am I glad I did! You see, your ideal client is going to be somewhere between what you like, what she needs, and the skills you have that can help her.  It's up to you to get on a soul to soul level with him/her. I've created a fun exercise that will help you to discover and connect with your ideal client. Once you've completed it, you will be more clear on who your ideal client is and what he/she wants. Answer the questions below or download the Ideal Client Profile Fun Sheet.

Ideal Client Profile Exercise

1. What does your business/brand offer?

2. Who would need what you have to offer. (Be really specific) 

3. Why would this person need what you have to offer?

4. Is this person the old you? If yes, what exactly are you helping her to avoid or achieve?

5. What are his/her pain points? (i.e - what is he/she struggling with)

6. What are his/her joy points? (i.e - what makes him/her truly happy)

7. What new skill(s) is he/she in need of?

8. Where does she hang out? (hint: consider real life & online)

Tip: Once you are able to identify where your ideal client can be found, connect with them in real life to get to know even more about them!

What have you discovered about your ideal client?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to Experience Everyday Luxury Like a Boss

Being an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur is really an inside job. The most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that if you don't do the work inside you won't get the results on the outside. That's why I wanted to chat with you a little about creating your desired lifestyle and enjoying the journey while you build your dream. Don't worry, I'm not going to get too deep on you. Really I just want to gift you a little tool that will help you experience more luxury in your life right now like the girlboss that you are.

Let me give it to you straight, you don't get what you don't ask for. Point. Blank. Period. That's a mantra right from Sophia Amoruso, the #GirlBoss herself. In this case the asking is the doing! You can't sit around hoping, wishing, and daydreaming for this luxurious dream life that you'll have AFTER you've accomplished your dream. You've got to start making luxury a regular occurrence in your life right now. You should be happy and enjoying yourself right now. Why delay it? How else will you know what luxury means and feels like when your dreams come true? 

"Click to Tweet: At the end of the day, luxury is really all about the little joys in life that make us feel good, powerful, magical, & like a boss. -@KelleyWithLove "

You deserve the best and you deserve to make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, luxury is really all about the little joys in life that make us feel good, powerful, magical, and a boss. So I created a tool to help you discover the everyday luxuries that help you enjoy and celebrate life. As a bonus, I created a Everyday Luxury Tracker so that you can be sure to pencil yourself in! Check it out below and download your free Everyday Luxury Blueprint and Luxury Tracker.

Examples of Everyday Luxuries

  • Buying fresh flowers weekly
  • Reading a book with a cup of tea
  • Taking a bath with your favorite beauty products
  • Taking the night off and spending it at a local hotel
  • Taking a day trip
  • Getting your favorite spa treatment

Everyday Luxury Discovery Exercise 
Answer the following questions

1. Define what luxury means to you.

2. Make a list of activities that you consider a luxury.

3. Set a goal to implement more luxury into your life. Remember to include what, when, where, why, & how often.

4. Schedule your luxury goal on your calendar and set a reminder.

5. Commit by following through and being in the moment during your chosen luxury activity.

What's your favorite everyday luxury?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to Bring Your Brand to Life

Business and branding can be overwhelming and that can leave you paralyzed with fear. Believe me, I fight through fear everyday. One way I was able to decrease overwhelm and fear when it came to business and branding was to make it as fun as possible. I mean it. Basing my approach in fun has worked wonders for me and that has definitely translated to the Kelley With Love audience. 

One fun exercise that I like to do that helps me to get really clear on the essence of my business, get clear on the purpose and values of my business, and bring my brand to life is to answer the following question:

What would your business be like if he/she was a person?

Sounds crazy, right? It may sound a little odd, but it is really fun and you'll be surprised at how much more clear you are about your business and brand once you're done. Complete the full exercise below to bring your brand to life.

Business & Brand Persona Exercise

What your business be like if he/she was a person?



Voice (i.e - soft spoken & direct):

Characteristics (i.e - loyal, honest, kind):





What is he/she like when out for brunch?

What places would he/she travel to?

How does he/she serve others?

Want to complete this exercise later? Download the free Business & Brand Persona Worksheet.

Now that you've thought about your business as a person, share a little bit about what kind of person your business is in the comments below.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Creating Your Elevator Speech

Sometimes after you've gotten clear on what it is you want to do, you forget that one day you may just have to explain it to someone.  Let's face it, if you want to be an entrepreneur and be profitable you must know how to present your value.  You want to be able to explain who you are, what you do, and why it's valuable in a way that is clear and confident. There are many people that are good at what they do, but not so much at explaining it in a way that makes others want to work with or hire them. This is true for those that are entrepreneurs and those working in more traditional settings. I'm going to make sure that you're not one of them. Being able to verbalize your value and what you do to another person in a short amount of time, otherwise known as "the elevator speech" is a timeless tool. I always like soaking up valuable information so when this simple formula for creating your own elevator speech appeared on my screen (from on of my Facebook groups) I knew I had to share - you know, girl code! Click to see the Kelley With Love elevator speech and check out the template below. 

Elevator Speech Template

Hi, my name is (YOUR NAME HERE).


Get more / create more / lose more

This allows them to... (BENEFIT HERE).

Click to get the free Elevator Speech Template Download

What's your elevator speech?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pose 'N Post Symposium

Covering events for the Kelley With Love blog is a new thing to me.  It was important to me that whatever events I covered on the blog really fell in line with the Kelley With Love values to inspire, have fun, and connect. When I shared with my readers that I would be attending Chrisette Michele's Pose 'N Post Symposium I got a lot of questions about what it meant to Pose 'N Post. I wanted to use the content I learned at the event to answer that question.

So check out a short recap as well as "How to Pose 'N Post" below.

The Pose 'N Post Symposium was held on Sunday, April 12, 2015 at Soco in Columbia, SC. I was thrilled to attend the event which had bold hints of pink, delightful treats, and a very sophisticated, but fun atmosphere. The event was attended by some of the most fabulous residents and bloggers from the city and surrounding cities. The Pose 'N Post Symposium afforded the opportunity to  connect with peers dedicated to following their dreams through the use of social media. Guests were treated to a performance by Chrisette Michele as well as time for girl talk with Chrisette and her panel. Things really got good when Chrisette and her panel really opened up about how they've used social media to build successful brands and ultimately how to "Pose 'N Post.  I can't forget to mention that we ended the night by receiving flowers from Chrisette and her team!  Check out some photos from the event below. 

Some takeaways from the Pose 'N Post Symposium...

How to Pose 'N Post

Get Creative 

If you are using social media to get your brand out there then you must stand out. Know what makes you unique and be creative about how you choose to capture that.

Be Consistent

Once you decide to use social media to gain exposure for your brand you must commit to being consistent. This means you have to be all in. Being all in does both mean that you have to be consumed by social media. It does mean however that you have to have and execute a plan that will keep you consistent. Consistency means everything from how many times you post to what types of things you post.

Be of Value

Let's face it, everyone anyone can post a pretty photo on social media, but not everyone is of value. By providing value not only are you attractive, but you are needed.

Self Worth 

Don't let social media make or break you. Can it? Sure, but only if you let it. As you grow you will gain new fans and followers. Unfortunately, you will also have a few naysayers that will try to tell you who you are. Don't pay them any mind. Own what you put out there, but never not what others try to make you (paraphrased from Chrisette Michele). Be yourself, be authentic.

Have Patience 

Over night success is a myth. Slow and steady wins the race every time. Don't get too caught up in have tons of followers or even making money right away. Give yourself time to grow, learn, and make your mark! Have a little patience.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

How to Brand Your Business on Snapchat

Branding can be boiled down to one word, experience. What better way to provide an authentic experience for your audience than through photos and video? Yeah, I know you're probably thinking well I already have tons of apps that allow me to provide video and photos - why would I want to use Snapchat? Well, I felt the same way...that is until I gave it a try. Like many apps, Snapchat offers the opportunity to share photo, video, and text, but with one unique feature. Snapchat allows you to set a timer on how long your photo (snap) or video (story) will be available. So cool! You want to know how to use Snapchat to brand your business? It's all about bringing your brand's story to life. Check out a few easy to do strategies below. 

How to Brand Your Business on Snapchat

1. Invite to your daily routine

Snapchat is a really fun way to provide little peeks into your day to day activities. I'm not saying make your life a reality tv show(unless you want to), but it could be fun to share little parts of your day with your audience in order for them to see what your life is really like.

2. Share product development 

You know those products of yours that your audience loves? Well show you them how they're made! It's always fun to see how a concept is created and turned into reality.

3. Be a true social media BFF

If you're not really into blogging or writing like you're talking to a friend, why not make a video and actually talk to your social media friends. It's likely your audience views you as a friend in their heads so why not share something inspirational, humorous, or passionate with them?  This is a fun way to give clients a glimpse into your personality and who you really are.

4. Provide exclusive access

Traveling somewhere fun, working a fun project, or hosting an exclusive event? Allow exclusive access and behind the scenes looks,

5. Unfreeze the moment 

A photo is a frozen moment, but Snapchat allows for you to unfreeze that moment even if only for a few seconds. Give your audience the photo, but in real time(video). 

You can find me on Snapchat @KelleyWithLove

Which of these strategies do you plan to use to brand your business on Snapchat?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to Style Your Instagram Photos

If you're on Instagram, you've seen it - those perfectly styled photos that have you living life vicariously through the one who captured it. Instagram has a way of allowing you to capture THE very best moments of your life and share them with people across the world. Since I've joined Instagram, I've come across a few tips and tricks I think you should consider if you want to step your Instagram game up. I went from around 700 followers last July to over 1900 and counting. It's been a very steady climb that has allowed me to inspire and connect with people and brands all over the world. When it comes to Instagram, it's up to you to find the beauty in what you're taking a picture of and capture it. Here are some things to consider when styling your Instagram photos.

How to Style Your Instagram Photos

1. Angles make it interesting 

Sometimes boring photos get made way more interesting by being shot from a different angle. Think about the perspective you want your photo of to be seen from. Everything doesn't look appealing with a straight front shot. 

2. You had me at peekabo

Show a sneak peek or part of something that you want to share with your audience.
This is a tease and leaves your audience wanting for more, and you know what? They will stick around for big reveal.

3. The big reveal 

No one likes empty promises so if you did a sneak peek be sure to follow up with the big reveal and make it pretty!

4. Everything is coming up flowers

There is something about a beautiful bundle of flowers. Flowers are refreshing and add life not only to your life but also to your photos. When in doubt add flowers.

5. Fade into the background.

Consider the asthetics you are going for as a whole (light, dark, multi-colored). Consider what you are photographing. Make sure your primary object stands out and does not blend in(unless that's what you're going for). Stick with solid backgrounds like white or black. 

6. What's on the surface

If you're using a surface as your background consider trying things like wood, fur, and tile. These types of surfaces add texture and dimension to your photos 

7. Birds of a feather flock together 

If you have several things that you'd like to photgraph (i.e - nail polish, books, etc). Group the like items together. Grouping can add a cohesive look to your photos.

8. Things fall apart 

On the opposite end of the grouping spectrum is spacing.  Spacing can add a fresh and clean feel to your photos. If you're going to use the spacing technique make sure there is equal white space (depending on your background of course) between the items your are photographing.

9. Brand It

Using Instagram to brand your business? Well use any and everything that relates to your business to brand your photos. This means sharing photos that feature colors, quotes, fonts, or behind the scenes photos that relate to your business and brand.

10. Go with your gut

Not sure what to post or how to style it? Not sure if you even want to style or curate your photos? Well go with your gut. Styling can be as simple as sticking to a theme or filter. Styling your photos does not have to be hard and complicated. So go with your gut and what feels good to you.

How are you planning to style your photos for Instagram?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

How to Grow Your Social Media Presence: Pose N Post Symposium

Let's face it, if you threaten me with a good time, I'm in! When I was invited to attend Grammy Award Winner Chrisette Michele's Pose N Post Symposium Tour at the Columbia, SC leg of the tour on April 12th, I was elated! The flower child in me really identifies with the flower child in Chrisette Michele. One stop by her website that has mentions of fairy notes, a love for pizza, and simple delights in buttermilk pancakes and she'll be a best friend in your head in a second. The Pose N Post Symposium Tour is all about social media marketing. I'm a firm believer in the power of social media so I can't wait to attend to connect with other amazing social media mavens. With that being said, you know I couldn't leave you without a few tips on how to grow your presence on social media by attending events. Check them out below and if you'll be in attendance let me know in the comments, I'd love to connect. If you'd like to attend purchase your tickets here.

How to Grow Your Social Media Presence by Attending Events

1. Network

The most fun thing about attending any event is networking. Networking does not have to be this big scary word. I just like to think of it as connecting with other like-minded individuals. If you can, try to connect early with those throwing or attending the event. That way you can find out if you'll have access to securing interviews or connecting with brands. 

2. Provide a behind the scenes look

Attending an event puts you in a prized position. You instantly become an insider and those who cannot attend will live vicariously through you. Make sure to find about about any hashtags associated with the event so that you can share photos, tips, and behind the scenes sneak peeks. Your audience will love you for it and you'll probably gain new fans and followers.

3. Make an impression

First impressions are everything. Be sure to dress for the event. Wear something that you are comfortable in, but something that you feel special in. Confidence is key. When you look good you feel good. Also, be sure to find a fun way to provide others with your contact information. Anything from business cards to treat bags will do! This is a great way to showcase your brand. 

4. Create an elevator speech

I'm sure you've heard about elevator speeches and you will definitely need one. Come up with a concise way to express what you do and the value you provide in three sentences or less. This will help others to easily connect with you and to identify immediately if there may be future opportunities to work together.

5. Have a title

What do you call yourself? Are you a lifestyle blogger, social media strategist, or stylist? Get really clear and really specific about your title. This is something that you will cover in your elevator speech. Come up with something that stands out. To come up with something creative, think about what audience you work with and what your niche is. 

What burning social media questions do you have?