Hi I’m Kelley of Kelleywithlove.com. I’m an SC raised, mental health professional by day and creative at heart. Kelley With Love is a community for creative women who want to be in charge of the stories they tell on social media, specifically through their photos – because we wear our stories in our pictures. You’re in the right place if you love sharing your story through photos, are a lifelong learner, and have an eye for details. Here I’ll help you understand the how the little details and nuances make up the bigger picture, no pun intended.

I truly believe that the more we see ourselves, the more comfortable we are with being ourselves. If you’re confident about the photos you’re sharing, you can feel even more confident about putting yourself out there. Because here’s the thing, the more we share our stories the more other women of color will feel comfortable creating and sharing their own. One piece of that puzzle is having images that stop the scroll, and that’s where I’d like to help. So when you come to the blog I want you to be able to learn about photo styling, visual story telling,  and all of the little details that go into making a photo stand out.

Now enough about me, I want to know how I can serve you. I'd love it if you could take two minutes of your time to click here on my Getting to Know You survey so that we can better connect.