Covering events for the Kelley With Love blog is a new thing to me.  It was important to me that whatever events I covered on the blog really fell in line with the Kelley With Love values to inspire, have fun, and connect. When I shared with my readers that I would be attending Chrisette Michele's Pose 'N Post Symposium I got a lot of questions about what it meant to Pose 'N Post. I wanted to use the content I learned at the event to answer that question.

So check out a short recap as well as "How to Pose 'N Post" below.

The Pose 'N Post Symposium was held on Sunday, April 12, 2015 at Soco in Columbia, SC. I was thrilled to attend the event which had bold hints of pink, delightful treats, and a very sophisticated, but fun atmosphere. The event was attended by some of the most fabulous residents and bloggers from the city and surrounding cities. The Pose 'N Post Symposium afforded the opportunity to  connect with peers dedicated to following their dreams through the use of social media. Guests were treated to a performance by Chrisette Michele as well as time for girl talk with Chrisette and her panel. Things really got good when Chrisette and her panel really opened up about how they've used social media to build successful brands and ultimately how to "Pose 'N Post.  I can't forget to mention that we ended the night by receiving flowers from Chrisette and her team!  Check out some photos from the event below. 

Some takeaways from the Pose 'N Post Symposium...

How to Pose 'N Post

Get Creative 

If you are using social media to get your brand out there then you must stand out. Know what makes you unique and be creative about how you choose to capture that.

Be Consistent

Once you decide to use social media to gain exposure for your brand you must commit to being consistent. This means you have to be all in. Being all in does both mean that you have to be consumed by social media. It does mean however that you have to have and execute a plan that will keep you consistent. Consistency means everything from how many times you post to what types of things you post.

Be of Value

Let's face it, everyone anyone can post a pretty photo on social media, but not everyone is of value. By providing value not only are you attractive, but you are needed.

Self Worth 

Don't let social media make or break you. Can it? Sure, but only if you let it. As you grow you will gain new fans and followers. Unfortunately, you will also have a few naysayers that will try to tell you who you are. Don't pay them any mind. Own what you put out there, but never not what others try to make you (paraphrased from Chrisette Michele). Be yourself, be authentic.

Have Patience 

Over night success is a myth. Slow and steady wins the race every time. Don't get too caught up in have tons of followers or even making money right away. Give yourself time to grow, learn, and make your mark! Have a little patience.