Sometimes after you've gotten clear on what it is you want to do, you forget that one day you may just have to explain it to someone.  Let's face it, if you want to be an entrepreneur and be profitable you must know how to present your value.  You want to be able to explain who you are, what you do, and why it's valuable in a way that is clear and confident. There are many people that are good at what they do, but not so much at explaining it in a way that makes others want to work with or hire them. This is true for those that are entrepreneurs and those working in more traditional settings. I'm going to make sure that you're not one of them. Being able to verbalize your value and what you do to another person in a short amount of time, otherwise known as "the elevator speech" is a timeless tool. I always like soaking up valuable information so when this simple formula for creating your own elevator speech appeared on my screen (from on of my Facebook groups) I knew I had to share - you know, girl code! Click to see the Kelley With Love elevator speech and check out the template below. 

Elevator Speech Template

Hi, my name is (YOUR NAME HERE).


Get more / create more / lose more

This allows them to... (BENEFIT HERE).

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What's your elevator speech?