An ideal client can be as elusive as a unicorn. In fact, you seriously may think she doesn't exist. It took me a really long time to find you, my ideal client, but I'm happy to say I have. I really struggled to get to this point. Not knowing exactly who I was talking to made it hard for me to offer any value that was of use to anyone. Until finally, one day, I just took all the bits and pieces of what I knew about finding your ideal client and put them together in a way that works for me. I'm sure you're wondering why your ideal client is important. Well, it's because you want to be able to connect and engage with her. You want to know her so well that you can talk directly to her and ultimately cater to her needs.

You see, my ideal client likes to learn. One of her main characteristics is curiosity. She also happens to have an entrepreneurial spirit and she loves to create. She loves the idea of creating something that can inspire others and change them for the better. She has big dreams for herself, but she also knows it's important to enjoy right now and that's why she's just as interested in building an empire as she is in improving her life and style in a way that makes her feel good. She believes in celebrating even the littlest of things. You can find her looking for tips on how to create an amazing brand, because she knows that experience makes all the difference in business and you can find her looking for tips on bettering her life, home, and style because she knows that she herself must be in a good place if she wants to help others get there too! 

If I just described you, guess what? You're my ideal client (sign up for my email list)and it's taken a bit of research to find out exactly what it is you needed, but boy am I glad I did! You see, your ideal client is going to be somewhere between what you like, what she needs, and the skills you have that can help her.  It's up to you to get on a soul to soul level with him/her. I've created a fun exercise that will help you to discover and connect with your ideal client. Once you've completed it, you will be more clear on who your ideal client is and what he/she wants. Answer the questions below or download the Ideal Client Profile Fun Sheet.

Ideal Client Profile Exercise

1. What does your business/brand offer?

2. Who would need what you have to offer. (Be really specific) 

3. Why would this person need what you have to offer?

4. Is this person the old you? If yes, what exactly are you helping her to avoid or achieve?

5. What are his/her pain points? (i.e - what is he/she struggling with)

6. What are his/her joy points? (i.e - what makes him/her truly happy)

7. What new skill(s) is he/she in need of?

8. Where does she hang out? (hint: consider real life & online)

Tip: Once you are able to identify where your ideal client can be found, connect with them in real life to get to know even more about them!

What have you discovered about your ideal client?