Monday, May 9, 2016

Get Refreshed

Work, work, work, work, work! We all want to do what we love, but lets face it - sometimes it's overwhelming! If you and your girlfriends are anything like me and my girlfriends then there's a constant discussion going on about work life balance. We're always wondering how we can do it all without getting burned out. We want to know how we can be successful entrepreneurs with successful businesses, but we also want to enjoy our lives. It's the age old question of how do you balance it all and still look and feel fabulous doing it. There's finally a fun answer to this question and it involves connecting with and learning from some really amazing women at the top of their game!

The answer I'm referring to is the Refreshed Event put on by Pretty and Profesh on
May 13-15th! There is will be a group of over 20 fabulous digital speakers to learn from. Topics that will be covered include: setting and executing goals brandingsocial mediasalesfinance and work/life balance

When I heard about the event I could not wait to share it with you. This is definitely a conference you want to add to your calendar. The best part? You can access it right from home. The even better part? You can get 15% off by using my special code "love" at checkout. Click Refreshed Event by Pretty and Profresh to find out more information and purchase your ticket.

Oh, and here's the biggest surprise - you can win a free ticket by heading to my Kelley With Love Instagram account and commenting (on the photo above) why you want to win and which speaker you are most looking forward to learning from. Contest open until 3pm on 5/10/16. Winner announced on 5/10/16. Good luck!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to Prepare for Instagram's New Changes

Are you freaking out about the new changes that are coming on Instagram? I know that change isn't always the easiest. I mean, you're digi-talking to a girl who sometimes hates change, but happens to be good at adapting. Helping you to always be proactive is and will remain one of my main goals. Many of you on Instagram reached out and expressed your concern about the change and what to do about it so today I'll share my ideas on how you and your brand can continue to thrive on Instagram. Now if you're reading this and you had no idea about the change here's what's happening: 

Instagram photos will no longer appear chonologically. Instead, your feed will show photos that you are most likely to like and engage with. If you are a business/brand, this means that your photo may or may not show up on the feed of your followers. 

Although this change sounds majorly scary, if you don't have an account with thousands and millions of followers, it doesn't have to be! Here's what you can do to stay on top of your game!

1. Know your ideal client!

With the new changes that will be taking place, it could not be a more important time to really know who your ideal client is and what he/she likes. The new changes will show photos they think you'll like and interact with. So in order for your photos to show up on your ideal client's feed you'll need him/her to actually be liking and interacting with your photos and that means know who he/she is, what he/she likes to see, what he/she will likely engage with, when he/she will be using Instagram, and where you can find him/her. This is not just a good Instagram move, this is a good business move! A little shaky on who your ideal client is? Check out this Ideal Client post and worksheet.

2. Interact with your followers & community! 

Now once you've gotten to know all about your ideal client, now it's time to woo him/her. Like, follow (only if it's genuine), and comment on his/her photos. Respond to comments they leave on your photos. Shout them out!

3. Encourage your audience to subscribe to your feed.

If you want to be sure that your audience never misses a post, encourage them to subscribe to your feed. This way whenever you post, they will get a notification. Be sure to encourage them to subscribe to your Instagram feed across all of your social media channels and on your list. Here are simple instructions:

1. Go to my profile
2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner,
3. Select "turn on notifications and never miss a post again

4. Build Your List.

Speaking of you have a list? If your answer is no, you should definitely get one. Just like these changes for Instagram came out of nowhere, you never know when your favorite social media channels could totally disappear. It's a crazy thought, but one worth preparing for. Creating a list is simple and can be done using mail chimp, aweber, and many other free and paid emails services. When you have a list you have a better chance at truly getting to know your ideal client and creating a community outside of social media. This will be especially important for those in direct sales. 

5. Create a Hashtag Community & Encourage Its Use. 

Although your main goal may be to have others subscribe to you so that your photos show up in your feed, you have to remember, no one wants to feel used. You want your audience to feel connected to you and have a sense of community. A fun way to convey this is to create a special hashtag just for them and all of their photos to be displayed. This way you can also keep up with everything they are posting. Get creative and make it fun. 

6. Create an Engagement System & Schedule.

From the sound of things, engagement will be the name of the game if you want your photos to show up in the right feeds. It's easy to fall off of engaging regularly because sometimes it can become overwhelming. The best way to avoid this is to create an engagement system (how you will engage) and an engagement schedule (when you will engage). 

7. Research Your Hashtags.

Hashtags will be important to use with the new changes. Hashtags will be a way for others to find you. The best thing you can do is research what hashtags work for the different types of photos you will post. Hashtags with less than 300,000 photos are more likely to get results. Hashtags should be descriptive of the photo and of your brand. Hashtags will remain in chronological order, so make sure you know which hashtags you plan to use before you post. This will allow you to copy and paste the hashtags so that your photo is seen as soon as you post it.

8. Collaborate With Peers.

Growth, visibility, and engagement all improve through collaboration. It's good to get to know your peers so that you can have a good idea of who you can help and who can help you. This will help you foster mutually beneficial relationships that may lead to shout outs from each other's accounts, joint giveaways, joint webinars, or joint feed take overs. The possibilities are endless. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate!

9. Survey your audience.

If you are still drawing a blank as to what your audience likes to see and engage with keep it simple and survey them. You can do an open ended survey by asking what they'd like to see on Instagram or you can create a specific survey and send it to your list.

10. Share Valuable and Beautiful Content.

Instagram is a visual platform. That means that the photos you share need to be visually pleasing. They need to attract your audience. The catch is they can't just be beautiful, it needs to also be valuable. Once you've gotten to know your audience you will know what is valuable to your audience, and then it will be your job to present it in a way that is visually creative and pleasing. 

Make sure you check me out on @kelleywithlove for beautiful aesthetic and lots of inspiration. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Style Goals + Free Style Goals Printable

chunky sweaters

This year I decided to take the guess work out of always having to decide what to wear. I mean I'm sure you've been there.  You know you have someplace to go so you envision an outfit in your head that you'd like to wear. You put it on, and that's when it happens. You hate it. It doesn't look how you thought it would. Then you get into a frenzy of trying to pull a look together at the last minute. The struggle is real. Believe me I know. I decided to end the struggle this year, because well, I have important things I want to do. Wasting time on unnecessary frustrations like what I should wear is not optional. So this year I set some style goals. So here's what my goals are.

Style Goal One: Choose a color palette

This year I decided to create an easy wardrobe that I loved. So what's the first thing an Aesthetic queen does? Well she chooses a color palette of course. I've decided that I want a classic color pattern made of neutrals, golds, and pinks. The idea of it excites me,  because the colors I've chosen are pretty much colors you can find year round. The fun thing about them is that they come in different hues depending on the season and they go with everything and with any skin tone.

Style Goal Two: Know silhouettes

Knowing what works for your body will save you so much time and energy! It makes shopping and choosing your outfits super easy. One of my favorite silhouettes is the peplum silhouette. I also enjoy flowy pieces. Check out your favorite fashion bloggers and tune into fashion week to learn about the many different silhouettes available to you.

Style Goal Three: Choose 1-3 uniforms

I'm still working on this goal, but I have to say, choosing uniforms makes knowing what to wear and when as simple as it gets. Choosing a uniform for me simply consists of choosing a top or bottom and shoe that works well for my body and getting those pieces in more than one color. This allows for easy mixing and matching. Think of your uniform as your base. One of my favorite uniforms is a tulle skirt with a crop top and heels. See how I pull off the tulle skirt uniform here.

Style Goal Four: Buy quality classics

There are some pieces I encourage every girl to have. Like black heels, a little black dress, a little pink dress, a good white blazer, a black blazer, and a trench coat to name a few. When buying these pieces I encourage you to spend a little extra on quality, because these are timeless pieces you can always use.

Style Goal Five: Stock up on basics

Unlike the key classic pieces, when it comes to basics like tees, it's okay to spend a little less. These are pieces that you don't have to splurge on. They are usually always on sale and pieces that you'll likely want to replace ever once in a while anyway. Because they are always on sale go ahead on stock up on them now and that way you won't have to buy them for a while.

So if you're still wondering why you need to set style goals, I'll tell you why. Goals lead to clarity and clarity leads to focus, even when it comes to style. When your style is focused and effortless it's easy to stand out and turn heads.  Plus, when you have style systems in place it leads to more free time to do all of the important and fun things you want to do in life. Download your free style goals printable to get clear on your style goals for 2016.

Comment below and tell me what your style goals are for 2016?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine, Galentine - How to Beat Fomo this Valentine's Day

Tulle skirt outfit idea

Tribal print crop top

Blush tulle skirt

Kelley With Love

Tulle skirt outfit idea

I'd be lying if I said I don't get a little Fomo from time to time. Fear of missing out is real! It never lasts for long though, because I have learned that getting up and getting out is the best cure. So whether you're celebrating Valentines Day or Galentines Day, I'm sharing some style inspiration and some fun things to do to beat Fomo!

//Pamper yourself//

Believe me, a good day of pampering is good for the soul. Not to mention you'll be so busy feeling good you won't have a care in the world about what anyone else is doing! The best part? This can easily be turned into a couples or girls day or trip to the spa! Shop a few of my favorite products below.

//Get dressed up//

There's just something about dressing up that makes you feel fancy! For me, getting dressed up makes me want to go out and have a good time. My outfit of choice this Valentines Day? A tribal print crop top and a romantic blush tulle skirt. Shop a similar look below.

Valentines Playlist

//Make a sound track for the day//

While you're primping and pampering for the day you're going to need a soundtrack. Music is such a game changer when it comes to setting the mood for the day. A good playlist can really get you into a good mood.  Check out a few of my favorites on iTunes right now.

//Get old school with gifting//

Don't let gifting give you a headache this year. Just keep it simple and go old school! We celebrate so many holidays so why not reserve Valentine's Day for fun gifts right from the heart. Check out a couple of my favorite diy Valentines below.

//Make plans//

Whether big or small, with your girls or with you guy, make special plans for Valentines Day. Bonus points if the plans get you out of the house. Dress up and go to your favorite restaurant. Go to the movies. Go shopping. Just do something fun. Check out some fun and free ideas that will get you out of the house below.

Comment below and tell me how you'll be beating Fomo this Valentine's Day!

P. S. - I'm giving you a Galentines gift a little early! Check me out on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 7:15 on Periscope (kelleywithlove)! More info below!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Creating a Cohesive Instagram Feed

Creating a cohesive Instagram can be quite the task. Which is one of the many reasons why I wanted to create an Instagram challenge that not only focused on growth, but also on beauty! It takes some real vision, discipline, and creativity to execute an engaging feed. Although it can take time, there are a few simple strategies you can execute right now to give your feed a beautiful boost.

1. Layout

So let's start with the basics. Instagram is a visual tool. This means it's important to have a visual strategy that will draw eyes to your feed. The first element that you can make immediate adjustments to is your layout. When you hear the word layout think pattern. What pattern do you want your photos to appear in and how will this look together as a whole? The focus here is the order of your photos.  

For example, if your account features mainly text try using the pattern text photo text. This will align all of your photos that are not text creating an immediate focal point. Have fun with this. Create a head turning pattern that's unforgettable.

2. Theme

Engagement starts with connection and creating a connection starts with sharing your story. What are you all about? What is your brand all about? Answer that question to identify your theme. Tell your story visually by using your theme. A theme is a common thread that pulls your feed together visually. For example, if your brand is all about femininity your theme might be pink or flowers. If your brand is about luxury, your feed may feature lots of black and white. Your theme should be noticeable immediately.

3. Consistency

The one strategy that can make or break your feed is consistency. Using the strategies listed above will definitely help to build engagement and growth on Instagram. Using them without consistency, however, stunts your growth. Remember to bring consistency to the following strategies: number of times you post, when you post, what you post, and how you post.

There's so much more that you can do and I want to help you and your Instagram have it all. Join me and an amazing group of girl bosses as we grow our tribes and create beautiful and engaging Instagram feeds during the Flawless Flatlay Challenge. Find out more about the Flawless Flatlay Challenge.

Before you go:

1. Sign up for the challenge
2. Share with a friend! The more people that participate, the more people you have to engage with and the more your community grows!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

5 Must Have Props for Styled Photos

Styled photos are everywhere and you probably can't pass them without giving them a double tap! Your favorite bloggers and your favorite brands share them and you wish you could too. If you're an entrepreneur or just a girl that likes beautiful things, you may have even pulled your hair out at some point trying to figure out how to capture one.

The truth is, styled photos may be easier to take than you think! The key to the best styled photos is authenticity! Focusing on styling what is real can not only upgrade your photos and your brand experience, but also your life. Yes, your life! 

People are attracted to styled photos because they highlight the beauty of products, the beauty of moments, and the beauty of desired lifestyles. What if I told you you could create those types of photos for your customers while creating that desired lifestyle with those awe worthy moments for yourself?  

It starts with only buying products and having experiences you love and then capturing them. Also, it means choosing items that you use in everyday life that are of good quality. Check out 5 everyday items you can use to create styled photos that pop below.

1. Planners 

We all use them, or at least it starts out that way! Planners are functional, but they can also be fancy. Buy yourself a quality planner because they make great photo props and they're real life tools we use daily.

2. Pens & Pencils

I have a natural affinity for pretty pencils and pens! I literally cannot pass them in the store. Gorgeous pens can add an heir of luxury to a photo without much effort. Find some gorgeous pens. Buy them. Use them. Photograph them.

3. Mugs & Teacups

I mean, seriously, who doesn't love a good mug? I find that mugs are trendy, casual, reliable, and sometimes mysterious! Find your best mug or go buy a cute one. Now see how many ways you can capture that mug! It's sure to be a conversation starter.

4. Flowers

Seriously, what's not to like about flowers? Flowers add luxury and life to your environment and photos! Keep a few flowers and plants around at all times. 

5. Your Choice of Treat

People like food! I like food. I'm sure you like food. The thing that we all like almost as much as actually eating food is looking at beautiful pictures of food! Use this to your advantage! Styled photos with your favorite food adds an instant touch of desire & familiarity to your photos.

There's so much more that you can do and I want to help you and your Instagram have it all. Join me and an amazing group of girl bosses as we grow our tribes and create beautiful and engaging Instagram feeds during the Flawless Flatlay Challenge. Find out more about the Flawless Flatlay Challenge.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Flawless Flatlay Challenge

Hey Friend! I am so excited to finally announce the Kelley With Love Flawless Flatlay Challenge!  The challenge will take place on Instagram from February 1, 2016 - February 5, 2016. This challenge is near and dear to my heart because I know how important it is to have an Instagram feed that stands out and that you feel good about. That's why I want to help you create one!

I get many emails and inquiries about how I created the aesthetic for my Instagram feed. There are many things that I have done, but for this challenge I wanted to focus on an aesthetic tool that is simple, quick, and leads to results in little to no time. One that I use quite often. Want to know the best part? Literally anyone can do a flatlay and see instant benefits. Some benefits that you may experience by participating in this challenge include learning to:

  • Create photos that pop
  • Tell your story visually 
  • Create a clean, cohesive, & beautifully engaging Instagram feed 
  • Grow your audience 
  • Create a tribe that is engaging
  • Connect with peers & brands

This challenge is for:

  • Creatives
  • Budding entrepreneurs & influencers
  • Entrepreneurs that are rebranding
  • Girlbosses
  • Anyone looking to create an Instagram feed that stands out

If you want to get a head start to begin preparing for the challenge and practicing your flatlays, which I highly recommend, sign up now to get the full Flawless Flatlay Challenge Guide. Once the challenge begins, prompts will be shared daily on Instagram. I will be providing tips & tricks & answering questions about the challenge the week before the challenge on Snap Chat. By signing up early you also get access to that pre challenge SnapChat schedule.  I cannot wait to do this challenge with you! 

Oh, and because I truly absolutely adore you, when you sign up you also get 5 free stock photos!

So before you go:

1. Sign up for the challenge
2. Share with a friend! The more people that participate, the more people you have to engage with and the more your community grows!
3.Click here to Tweet: I can't wait for the Flawless Flatlay Instagram Challenge with @kelleywithlove click here to get your free challenge guide