For the longest time I didn't really get business. I didn't get that the soul of business was branding I learned some techniques I though would help, but I was missing the soul piece of feeling! It all happened by accident really, but one day I sat down and looked at all of my favorite brands. I thought to myself, man...I feel so hopeful and magical when I experience these brands. I was just like, hey, I want to do that too! So I did one simple thing, I decided how I wanted to make people feel.

Once I did this I got clear on how I wanted to convey this feeling. I knew it would be through beautiful images. I immediately hired a web designer and became dedicated to producing amazing photos. Although these first steps weren't that major, they worked! People got it. Almost instantly I had people writing me telling that my branding made them feel the exact way that I set out to make them feel. I thought this was THE coolest thing ever, but I was still missing something. I realized it was value.

It wasn't until I removed myself(ego) from my brand that I was able to truly build it by offering value to others. To do this I simply focused on what I could provide that would help my ideal audience. I also considered how the value I could offer related to what I loved and how I wanted to make others feel. This is where I found Brand Experience Hot Spot - the unique brand experience that only I could offer. I created a fun sheet for you to do the same.  First complete and download the Brand Experience Feeling Fun Sheet. To find your unique brand experience answer the questions below and download the Brand Experience Hot Spot Fun Sheet

Brand Experience Feeling Exercise

1. Describe the feeling that represents your brand.

2. What does the feeling look like?

3. How is the feeling expressed?

4. What colors represent that feeling?

5. What fonts convey that feeling?

6. What styles convey that feeling?

Brand Experience Hot Spot Exercise

1. How do you want to make others feel?

2. What do you love?

3. How can you help?

What do you want others to feel when they experience your brand for the first time?