Thursday, February 26, 2015

How To Style a Graphic Tee

Want to wear some graphic tees this Spring, but not quite sure how to style them? I've got a few style strategies for you to try. The graphic tee is a really fun and basic piece that can be dressed up or down. Graphic tees have to be one of the most customizable pieces of clothing which is what makes them so fun. They can literally be styled to match anyone's preference. If you use the three strategies I'm going to share with you below you'll be a pro at styling graphic tees in no time.

Before we get started, I'd like to make one small suggestion. Buy some of your graphic tees in your size and some a size up to create different fun looks. Now, on to the strategies.

The Structure Strategy

The graphic tee is made for comfort. The loose, usually cotton material lends itself to a less put together casual look. Pair your tee with a blazer or moto jacket to add a bit of structure. You will instantly go from laid back to dressed up in the matter of seconds.

How To Style a Graphic Tee

The Accessory Strategy

If you want to add a bit of glam and drama to your look, pair your graphic tee with a good statement necklace. A little bling always adds a bit of drama to a look. Accessorizing doesn't have to stop at jewelry. Shoes and hair are included too! Try this little fun formula to go from day to night in a graphic tee.

Day look = Graphic tee + skinny jeans + converse + top knot, sunnies, statement necklace, blush, pink lips

Night look = Graphic tee + boyfriend jeans + pumps + top knot + statement necklace + oversized bag + red lips 

How To Style a Graphic Tee

The Layer Strategy

I think one of the biggest style misconceptions is that laid back has to look frumpy. I happen to think that laid back style can actually look very put together without tons of effort. An easy way to pull this off is by layering. Layering can be achieved by pairing your graphic tee with an open button up shirt, scarf, or a cardigan.

Tip: If you're going to wear a button up shirt to layer with your graphic tee you have 3 options.

Option 1: Graphic tee with button up shirt layered on top worn open
Option 2:  Graphic tee with button up shirt layered on top worn open with sleeves rolled up
Option 3: Buttoned up shirt with graphic tee layered on top and collar exposed.

How To Style a Graphic Tee

I hope these strategies will help you begin to build a few easy go-to Spring looks. To help, I created this free closet planner for you to create and plan your outfits for the week.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How To Style Your Desk

Desk Decor

No matter how frivolous it may seem a pretty and organized space can and will inspire more creativity. Last week I gave you a tour of my desk and thought it may be helpful to give you some easy-to-do tips for styling your own desk. Remember, there’s no exact science to this. It’s really all about having fun. I’ll help you get started with some fun tips and building blocks.

Before you begin.
Before you begin styling your desk a little planning is in order. It’s good to get an idea of how you would like your desk to look. Is there a certain feeling you’re going for? Is organization the key to productivity for you? If so, you’ll want to consider those things before you begin. These are other things you’ll want to consider:
Being organized really should be at the top of your list when you begin thinking about styling your desk or else your desk will just turn into a junk drawer. You’ll want to be strategic in placing things on your desk while still leaving ample space for working on a computer or even writing down your to do list. You’ll also want to make sure that you have space to put a drink if you should need one or flowers without spilling any liquids. At the end of the day your desk is for you to work at accomplishing all of those big goals and dreams you have. Styling should not be done for show, but for keeping you inspired and motivated.
Color Palette
The best thing about having a styled desk is that you get to customize it to your liking. One of the fun parts of customizing is picking out your favorite colors to incorporate on your desk. In general I like to pick between 1-4 colors. Out of those 4 colors I find that I tend to gravitate more towards two colors. For example, the 4 colors I chose were white, pink, gold, and black. I find that because white is my base color by default, I tend to buy accessories in pink and gold. I find that black shows up mostly in my space as a pattern or on prints that I like.
Desk accessories are not limited to just staplers, pencil holders, and scissors. Get creative and add texture to your space. Texture can be incorporated in the form of a fun rug or pattern.
Life & Light
The ultimate goal for styling your desk is so that you can stay uplifted and inspired. While there are many ways to do this, when it comes to styling I find that a few things work best for me. This first thing is to add life to my space. By life, I mean another living thing. My favorite living thing to add to my space is flowers. I love flowers and their beauty keeps me inspired. The second thing is placement. When I got my desk I was very strategic in where I placed it. I made sure I was by a window so that the sunlight would shine on my desk. I love to feel the warmth on my skin and it’s great for the flowers. The third thing is inspirational quotes.  I love to surround myself with quotes that keep me motivated and remind me to keep working towards my dreams no matter what.

Desk Decor

Here are the building blocks you’ll need to begin styling your desk: 
A is for Agenda
If you plan to be productive at your desk, sometimes getting a stylish planner to keep track of goals, to do lists, important dates and more can be very helpful. I’m currently using the Kate Spade 2015 Agenda. You can find a similar one here.
B is for Books
Find a few books to keep on your desk to read during breaks. Never stop learning.
C is for Cup
Find a cute cup or mug to keep yourself hydrated as you work. Your cute cup can also serve a dual purpose and act as a pencil holder.
D is for Desk Accessories
From staplers, to scissors, to paper clips, the choices for desk accessories are endless, have fun!
F is for Folders
Folders are great for organizing your most important documents. A fun way to add a little chic to a folder is to add a fun print like stripes or polka dots.
P is for Prints
Art is a fun and easy way to liven up your space without having to do too much work.
S is for Storage
Keeping your desk organized is key to staying productive. Look for stylish trays and mugs to keep your pencils and papers organized.
Desk Decor

And there you have it, all the tools you need to start styling your desk now!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Desk Tour 2015

Today you're in for a little behind the scenes treat because I'm showing you where I curate blog content and work on business ideas. Some of you that follow me on Instagram know that I often share pictures the things I'm using to plan my day and my business. I thought it would be fun to do a desk tour just to show you not only how I style my desk, but also what some of my favorites are and how I organize them.

Check it out below.

On My Desk

Macbook Pro
Kare Spade 2015 Agenda
Kate Spade Notebook
Nate Berkus Gold Scissors
Nate Berkus Gold Stapler
Eiffel Tower Thank You Cards
Shop Bando Mug
K Monogram Mug

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

5 Snow Day Essentials

Where I'm from, when the meterologist predicts really cold weather with a chance of snow, people tend to over prepare. By over prepare, I mean clear out just about every aisle in the grocery store, especially the bread aisle. We southerns do not take kindly to the threat of snow and ice. Generally I like to keep my home stocked with groceries and other necessities, but I do have my own cold weather essentials I like to keep on hand for those really cold days. My essentials are a little less necessity and a lot more indulgence. I mean, when you're trapped inside you might as well treat yourself. Check out my snow day indulgences below.


As a fashion & lifestyle blogger and I'm always looking for the latest trends, hot travel locations, and recipes and magazines provide me with the latest in each of these areas and more. 

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a childhood favorite of mine. I remember being little and my mom making us hot chocolate in really cold days. I would always ask for extra marshmallows! These days I even add sprinkles as a special treat.


Being stuck in the house is the perfect excuse to snack! I usually try to keep my snacks as healthy as possible so that I won't regret all the snacking I did in the cold weather when the warm weather comes. Popcorn is always at the top of my list when I think of healthy, but still tastey snacks.


You can't be comfy without cute comfy pjs. Enough said. I mean what are cold days for if not for being comfortable?


Anyone else like to bing watch the entire season of their favorite shows? Good, I knew it couldn't just be me. When it's cold outside I know there's a 95% chance that I will bing watch some show on Netflix or Hulu. I'm currently loving Jane the Virgin. 

What are some of your cold weather essentials?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

3 Tips For a Standout Brand

I have to say this. Valentine's Day is one of the THE most well branded holidays around. Yes, I said that in my Kanye voice.

For a girly girl like me who loves flowers, the color pink, and delectable deserts, Valentine's Day is like a dream. There is no way you can go into a store right now and not experience Valentine's Day. That's the mark of a good brand, an undeniable experience. We can learn a lot from all of the major holidays about branding, but today I want to share 3 helpful tips needed to create a standout brand. Check them out below.

3 Tips For a Standout Brand

1. Offer Value 

The sign of a remarkable brand is one that offers tremendous value. Most effective and memorable brands are the solution to someone's problems. Do you know who your ideal client or customer is? What problems are they experiencing in their lives? What skills do you have that might be the solution to one or more of these problems? Answering these questions is a good place to start when creating a business or brand. Offering something valuable will be the number one way you connect with your customer or client. Value can come in the form of inspiration, time saving solutions, or even education.

2. Figure out how you want your customer or client to feel.

One of the ways I was able to begin building my brand was by deciding on what feeling I wanted my audience to feel when they came across anything from my brand. For me that has been the guiding force in creating a memorable brand. Almost instantly people identify with the feeling I pinpointed in the beginning when they discover my brand. Now, what feeling do you want your customer to feel when they discover your brand?

3. Figure out what type of experience you would need to create to capture that feeling for your customer or client.

Once you've pinpointed the desired feeling you want your client or customer to experience with your brand it's time to start designing a unique experiences that capture that feeling. This is the fun part! Your brand experience begins the moment your customer or client comes in contact with you and your brand. Creating a unique experience could include fun little details like hand written letters, special packaging, and even a special community created just for your customer or client. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a truly unique experience. Remember to have fun and create something your client will really love!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

3 Timeless Valentine's Day Looks

With Valentine's Day coming up, I know how hectic it can be getting gifts and planning dates for the ones we love. The last thing you need on your plate is to have to go shopping for an outfit. That's where I come in. I've got you covered with 3 timeless looks that you can wear out with your girlfriends or your significant other this Valentine's Day. All of these looks are simple and can be put together with basic staples found right in your closet. These 3 looks can easily be mixed and matched to create your own unique look as well. Check out the looks below and tell me which one is our favorite!

Timeless Valentine's Day Look

Timeless Valentine's Day Look

Timeless Valentine's Day Look

Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 Sweet Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

\\1. Photo via 2. Photo via 3. Photo via 4. Photo via 5. Photo via\\

Does anyone else get excited about Valentine's Day as much as I do? I can remember being so excited to make Valentines for my classmates! I loved getting those cute colorful cards and of course I loved the candy! Although we're all grown up now I don't see any reason we shouldn't celebrate such a sweet holiday. This Valentine's Day, take the pressure off and commit to not only having fun, but giving fun gifts. If you don't have a Valentine, choose someone to surprise. Giving is always better then receiving. So make someone's day this Valentine's with these sweet gifts ideas!

1. Give Landeau Roses - I discovered Give Landeau via Instagram. Being the flower lover that I am, I was instantly swooning over the absolutely beautiful roses! Unfortunately, these roses are only available in Vancouver, but if that's where you're located, this is breathtaking gift idea. Seriously, anyone would be floored after receiving these beautiful roses.

2. Made By Girl Art Prints - If you're tired of giving the same old gifts, try gifting an art print. The good thing about prints is that there are tons of them out there. Find the print that best matches the personality of the person you're buying it for. Take it a step further and have the print framed.

3. Fuji Film Instax Mini - Looking for a fun gift? The Instax Mini camera is it. It's fun and can be used to create memories of a lifetime! This is literally the gift that keeps on giving. It comes in fun colors too (I have one in white)!

4. The Audrey Confetti Bow - Designer Fisayo knew what she was doing when she created this bow for confetti and bow lovers like myself! It's the best of both worlds combined in a sophisticated and timeless way. Buy this gift for the fashionista in your life and then check out 3 Ways to Put a Bow On It for ideas on how to wear it!

5. M & M Movie Snack Kit - While wandering around Target, one of my favorite places to go, I stumbled upon the cutest movie snack kit. I know it can be a lot of f un to go out for Valentine's Day, but Valentine's Day is on a Saturday this year which means EVERYONE will be out. If you and your husband, boyfriend, bestie, or family decide to stay in, this is the perfect gift. It comes with popcorn, peanut and plain M&Ms, and Skittles. Hurry to Target before they sell out!

What gifts will you be giving this Valentine's Day?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

3 Ways to Put a Bow On It

Let's face it, bows make everything better. It's a timeless accessory that can add the party to any outfit. Although bows are very feminine, I love them because they are fun! Enter the Audrery Bow, by Designer Fisayo of Love Oh Lou. 

When Fisayo contacted me about her beautiful bows I couldn't wait to add one to my collection. I fell in love with the Audrey Bow, but I have to say all of her bows are amazing! What's even better is that these bows are fashion with a cause. When you buy an accessory, you give a necessity. A nonperishable food item is donated for each purchase made from to help end hunger for children in America. Awesome right? 

When Fisayo sent me a bow I knew we had to work together to bring you something special. Since Valentines Day is fast approaching, I thought it'd be the perfect time to show you 3 ways to put a bow on it and update one look for 3 different occasions. With this fun look I'm taking you from day to night, but this inspiration can be used with any outfit!

By Day.....

1. Adorn your hair

The Audrey Bow

This is one of the more classic ways to wear a bow and truly one of my favorite! Bows add an element of fun to any hairstyle. They scream "Madonna Material Girl" and are sure to make you the center of attention. When I dress my hair styles up with a bow I always wear it in the back. I like to make sure the bow is nice and big! It's always a nice surprise for anyone checking out my hairstyle.

2. Adorn your shirt 

White Tulle Skirt

Tired of wearing your bows the same old way? Try wearing it as a brooch. It's a fun way to dress up any plain shirt. Simply take one or two safety pins and attach the bow to your shirt for a whole new look. This is paired particularly well with shirts that have a pocket. Pin the bow on the pocket and you've changed the whole look of the shirt. This can also be done on a blazer.

Polka Dot Shirt

By Night.....

3. Adorn your clutch

Bow Clutch

Sometimes when you go out you want to take a cute clutch. It's likely that although you have tons of clutches in your closet, you're sometimes tempted to go out and buy a new one. Well, let me stop you before you spend another dollar. Find your favorite clutch and pin your favorite bow to it.  There you have it...a brand new clutch and not a dime spent!

Bow Clutch

Here are a few more peeks at my Valentine's Day Look....

Jessica Simpson Cambredge Lipstick Patent

White Tulle Skirt

White Tulle Skirt

What's your favorite way to wear a bow?