I have to say this. Valentine's Day is one of the THE most well branded holidays around. Yes, I said that in my Kanye voice.

For a girly girl like me who loves flowers, the color pink, and delectable deserts, Valentine's Day is like a dream. There is no way you can go into a store right now and not experience Valentine's Day. That's the mark of a good brand, an undeniable experience. We can learn a lot from all of the major holidays about branding, but today I want to share 3 helpful tips needed to create a standout brand. Check them out below.

3 Tips For a Standout Brand

1. Offer Value 

The sign of a remarkable brand is one that offers tremendous value. Most effective and memorable brands are the solution to someone's problems. Do you know who your ideal client or customer is? What problems are they experiencing in their lives? What skills do you have that might be the solution to one or more of these problems? Answering these questions is a good place to start when creating a business or brand. Offering something valuable will be the number one way you connect with your customer or client. Value can come in the form of inspiration, time saving solutions, or even education.

2. Figure out how you want your customer or client to feel.

One of the ways I was able to begin building my brand was by deciding on what feeling I wanted my audience to feel when they came across anything from my brand. For me that has been the guiding force in creating a memorable brand. Almost instantly people identify with the feeling I pinpointed in the beginning when they discover my brand. Now, what feeling do you want your customer to feel when they discover your brand?

3. Figure out what type of experience you would need to create to capture that feeling for your customer or client.

Once you've pinpointed the desired feeling you want your client or customer to experience with your brand it's time to start designing a unique experiences that capture that feeling. This is the fun part! Your brand experience begins the moment your customer or client comes in contact with you and your brand. Creating a unique experience could include fun little details like hand written letters, special packaging, and even a special community created just for your customer or client. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a truly unique experience. Remember to have fun and create something your client will really love!