Where I'm from, when the meterologist predicts really cold weather with a chance of snow, people tend to over prepare. By over prepare, I mean clear out just about every aisle in the grocery store, especially the bread aisle. We southerns do not take kindly to the threat of snow and ice. Generally I like to keep my home stocked with groceries and other necessities, but I do have my own cold weather essentials I like to keep on hand for those really cold days. My essentials are a little less necessity and a lot more indulgence. I mean, when you're trapped inside you might as well treat yourself. Check out my snow day indulgences below.


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Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a childhood favorite of mine. I remember being little and my mom making us hot chocolate in really cold days. I would always ask for extra marshmallows! These days I even add sprinkles as a special treat.


Being stuck in the house is the perfect excuse to snack! I usually try to keep my snacks as healthy as possible so that I won't regret all the snacking I did in the cold weather when the warm weather comes. Popcorn is always at the top of my list when I think of healthy, but still tastey snacks.


You can't be comfy without cute comfy pjs. Enough said. I mean what are cold days for if not for being comfortable?


Anyone else like to bing watch the entire season of their favorite shows? Good, I knew it couldn't just be me. When it's cold outside I know there's a 95% chance that I will bing watch some show on Netflix or Hulu. I'm currently loving Jane the Virgin. 

What are some of your cold weather essentials?