Friday, October 31, 2014

Easy Style for Entrepreneurs - Kim Kardashian

I’m always intrigued to see an entrepreneur’s style. As an entrepreneur myself, I know how important it is to not only look good, but to feel good in what I’m wearing. I know that when I feel my best I am more confident and I can really be myself and let my talent shine through. As much as I love fashion and style, I know that through all of the errands and events it can be hard to constantly create a unique look and consistent style. The good news is  - it can be done! One way is through creating your own look book as a guide for quick go to flawless outfits. In order to help you fill your look book with fun easy to do looks, I thought it would be fun to provide you with looks to add to your book.

One entrepreneur that stays creative, but consistent in her style is Kim Kardashian West. Today’ s look is inspired by Kim’s style. If you’ve noticed, Kim lives in neutrals. You will always spot her in nude, white, black, and blush. Although I LOVE color in a wardrobe, I must say Kim is an extremely smart girl. Why? Well, because neutrals go with EVERYTHING and EVERY occasion. With a closet full of neutrals you will always have something to wear, always! If you’re a girl that loves color like myself, no worries, you can bring in tons of color to your look through accessories and layers.
Today’s look was inspired by one of my favorite looks I’ve seen Kim Kardashian wear - her pink Chanel Crop top and pants. Now I know wearing a crop top to run errands or meet up with clients and colleagues is not necessarily the norm, so today’s look has been adjusted a tad to work for an array of entrepreneurs. To take this look from day to night by switching out your wedge sneakers and tote for a clutch and heels!

Easy Style for Entrepreneurs - Kim Kardashian

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

T-Shirt Dress and Scarf

To complete my Fall 2014 Lookbook, I ended with an oldie but goodie! Fall is one of those seasons that is all about comfort. If it's one thing I love more than being's being comfortable. There was a time that my closet was void of dresses. I was such a tomboy, but then slowly but surely my girly side came out. Now, if I could, I would live in dresses. I found this cute t-shirt dress at Target and I love pairing it with a bright scarf and boots. I hope you enjoyed my Fall Lookbook and I can't wait to share more with you.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall In Love With Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad

There's something to be said about a good brand. One that leaves a lasting impression on you. A brand that makes you feel good. For me, one of those brands is Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad. Watching Lauren expand her brand from Laguna Beach to The Hills and into the multiple clothing lines has been amazing. She's a big inspiration to say the least. Lauren is like a friend in my head mostly because I feel like we share the same style sense -minimalist, feminine, whimsical,  which is very evident in the Paper Crown brand. What I love the most about Paper Crown is that it is for the every day girl and each piece can be used as a staple to build the perfect outfit. Check out some of my favorite pieces from the Paper Crown Fall 2014 Collection below. Before you go, check out Fall in Love with Kate Spade and find out how to create your own Visual Branding Style Guide for your very own brand.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jumpers and Stripes


If you ask me, most little girls fall in love with fashion at a very young age. There's just something about being able to express yourself without having to say a word. I remember as a little girl being obsessed with overalls, especially the colorful ones. I would beg my mom to let me wear them every chance I got. I even had a purple pair with Eeyore on the front, I know, embarrassing. As I grew older, overalls turned into chic jumpers and my love only grew from there. Anytime I lay my eyes on a jumper it's almost guaranteed it will end up in my closet. Jumpers are the perfect transition piece for any season. For the Fall Lookbook, I wanted to give my overalls a fun twist and what better way than to add a crop top? I added a high bun and bold lip as classic elements to complete the look. How are you rocking your jumper this fall?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stripes and Booties

When I look around and all I see is booties, I know it's Fall. I grabbed these cute booties from Old Navy and I love how comfy they are. I paired them with stripes which happen to be a very versatile pattern.  A striped shirt is a classic piece that every girl should have in her closet. Remember, stripes are and will always be in. For an easy go to fall outfit pair your stripes with an olive (or neutral toned) jacket and a cute statement necklace for a polished and laid back look. I hope you enjoyed the second look from the Kelley With Love Fall 2014 LookbookComment below and share your favorite fall look.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pink Peplum and Florals

Is it just me, or is Fall one of the most fashionable seasons ever? I mean I've really grown to appreciate how everyone seems to embrace the season's style. Because I live in the south, I find that I'm always pairing summer and fall pieces due to the warm daytime temperatures. If you want your fall style to stand out in the crowd, here's a tip: Pair your muted fall tones with bright summer tones. For example, I'm wearing floral jeans with light pink flowers, but I added this hot pink peplum top to add a little pop to the look. Not only does the shirt pop, but it also makes the pink flowers stand out as well. Pin the Fall Go To Outfit image below for when you need ideas for a quick go to outfit. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Lookbook 2014

This past weekend, my fiancé and I were hard at work creating my very first Kelley With Love Lookbook. Each look includes some of my favorite pieces for Fall. For the remainder of October I will be focusing on each look in detail showing how you can make each one an easy go to fall uniform. We had so much fun shooting these looks and I'd love to hear what you think? Would you like to see more video lookbooks on Kelley With Love? Comment and let me know below.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How To Take Great Blog Photos

The thing that makes a blog or brand stand out to me the quality of photos that they share. I'm a very visual person so a great photo is worth a thousand words to me. Since launching Kelley With Love I've been able to reach and connect with so many people through my visual branding and I wanted to help you do the same. Today I'm sharing how to take great blog photos. 

1. Tell a story.

If you really want to create an experience for your readers, tell them a story. Telling stories makes it easier to connect with others because it allows you to inspire someone who may have gone through something similar or who wants to go through something similar. Telling a story through photos allows you to connect emotionally with your readers. What story do you want to tell? How can you capture that in a photo?

2. Pick a great location(s).

Sometimes a big part of telling your story lies in the location. Pictures that take place in beautiful or moving locations have the power to transport your reader in an instance to the location of their dreams. Location can add depth to the story you are trying to tell. Great locations are all around you, including: street graffiti, colorful walls, gardens, and much more. What location would match the story you're trying to tell?

3. Lighting is key.

Lighting can literally make or break a photo. Bad lighting takes away from quality and professionalism. You don't have to have expensive camera equipment to achieve great lighting in your photos. What you will need is dedication and scheduling! If you're taking photos indoors always try to be as close to a window as possible. This will allow you to capture great natural light. Also, pay attention to what time of day the light is best indoors. When taking pictures outside, aim for really early in the morning before the sun rises and late in the afternoon before sun sets.

4. Try different poses.

When you're doing a photo shoot it's important to try different poses. This allows you to capture different angles, which will give you many photos to choose from. Believe me, it's good to have more then enough as opposed to not enough. Having different poses will give you material to share on every social media channel without being repetitive. Check out Pinterest for ideas for different photo angles and poses. Create boards in order to collect the photos for quick reference.  

5. Curate what you share.

My advice to any blogger who is trying to build a brand is to curate every photo before posting it. What I mean by this is to be very intentional with what, how, and when you post a photo. Consider who you want to see it, what that person may want to see, and what all the photos will look like as a whole. Do your photos fit your brand. Are they gathered in a manner that will leave an impression?

If this post has helped you or you know someone who can benefit from it, then share it with a friend! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Free Download: She Looks For Adventure October 2014 Wallpaper

I've officially declared October as a month of adventures! Adventures don't have to be in a far away place. An adventure could be a trip to your local market to buy some new flowers. It could be planning a wedding or event. Or, it could simply be a trip around your local town visiting some hot spots and trying a restaurant you've never tried. An adventure can be anywhere and it can be anything you make it. Treat yourself to a new adventure today! I created the October wallpaper to inspire you to do just that. Click to download the wallpaper of your choice below.

Click to download for: iPhone
Directions: Click the link. Save the photo to your iPhone. Go to settings. Select Wallpapers & Brightness. Select Choose a New Wallpaper. Go to Photos. Select the photo and adjust.

Click to download for: iPad
Directions: Click on link and save image to your iPad. Go to Settings. Select Wallpapers & Brightness. Select Choose a New Wallpaper. Select the photo and adjust.

Click to download for: Mac Desktop
Directions: Click link. Right click photo. Choose use image as desktop picture.