The thing that makes a blog or brand stand out to me the quality of photos that they share. I'm a very visual person so a great photo is worth a thousand words to me. Since launching Kelley With Love I've been able to reach and connect with so many people through my visual branding and I wanted to help you do the same. Today I'm sharing how to take great blog photos. 

1. Tell a story.

If you really want to create an experience for your readers, tell them a story. Telling stories makes it easier to connect with others because it allows you to inspire someone who may have gone through something similar or who wants to go through something similar. Telling a story through photos allows you to connect emotionally with your readers. What story do you want to tell? How can you capture that in a photo?

2. Pick a great location(s).

Sometimes a big part of telling your story lies in the location. Pictures that take place in beautiful or moving locations have the power to transport your reader in an instance to the location of their dreams. Location can add depth to the story you are trying to tell. Great locations are all around you, including: street graffiti, colorful walls, gardens, and much more. What location would match the story you're trying to tell?

3. Lighting is key.

Lighting can literally make or break a photo. Bad lighting takes away from quality and professionalism. You don't have to have expensive camera equipment to achieve great lighting in your photos. What you will need is dedication and scheduling! If you're taking photos indoors always try to be as close to a window as possible. This will allow you to capture great natural light. Also, pay attention to what time of day the light is best indoors. When taking pictures outside, aim for really early in the morning before the sun rises and late in the afternoon before sun sets.

4. Try different poses.

When you're doing a photo shoot it's important to try different poses. This allows you to capture different angles, which will give you many photos to choose from. Believe me, it's good to have more then enough as opposed to not enough. Having different poses will give you material to share on every social media channel without being repetitive. Check out Pinterest for ideas for different photo angles and poses. Create boards in order to collect the photos for quick reference.  

5. Curate what you share.

My advice to any blogger who is trying to build a brand is to curate every photo before posting it. What I mean by this is to be very intentional with what, how, and when you post a photo. Consider who you want to see it, what that person may want to see, and what all the photos will look like as a whole. Do your photos fit your brand. Are they gathered in a manner that will leave an impression?

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