Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to Make a Good First Impression with Your Brand

The first impression is usually the last impression. The first time someone is exposed to your brand is important because it is right then and there that their opinion of your brand is formed.  You don't often have another chance to win someone over, and that is why you should put a little thought into how your brand is perceived at first sight. It's even better when you make sure that the first experience a new customer or viewer has with your brand is memorable. There are a few simple things that I've done to make sure that my brand makes a good first impression and I'm sharing them with you below.

How to Make a Good First Impression with Your Brand

1. Be clear about what value you provide

Come up with one sentence about who you are and what you do.  Allow this to be your elevator pitch. I call this always being ready. You never know who you may come across or who may come across you. Make it easily known what kind of value you provide. Make sure your about page on your website is not only informative about who you are and what you do, but use it as a guide to the best content you have to offer. Use categories and clear descriptions to help make your visitor's visit easy. 

2. Be humble and engaging

Whether on or off social media, try your best to engage with those who you come in contact with. Again, you never know whose path may cross with yours. You never know who you could help and who can help you. Always be humble. Make time to connect with those around you and to be of assistance. Respond to any inquiries you may receive.  When you are humble and engaging you make it easy for others to connect with you and to easily receive the value you are providing. Make time to connect.

3. Go the extra mile

Opt ins, thank you cards, thank you emails, special coupon codes....the list could go on, but you get the idea. If a new customer signs up for your list, that may be a sign that you made a good first impression. Come up with a a fun way to thank your new customers for visiting your site and signing up for your list.

How do you make a good first impression with your brand?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to Create & Not Copy

When I decided that I would like to give blogging and entrepreneurship a chance it wasn't long before I noticed claims of content being copied or stolen. Things don't always end well for those who have been copied or for those that have purposely or accidentally copied. With so many amazing idea out there it's easy to accidentally copy something without even realizing it. Even if it's an accident, you could land yourself in some really hot water and ruin budding relationships. I avoid copying others work because I know what it feels like to work hard on something only to have it stolen and copied. It's flattering to have your work admired and supported, but its definitely not fun to see a replica of your idea on someone else's site. I've come up with some ways to protect yourself from becoming an offender.

1. Collaborate 

If you find someone who you are completely impressed by instead of copying them or their work find a way to become of value to them. Show them the value you have to offer and then think of a way to collaborate with them. Think of a way that will be beneficial for you and them and then pitch it to them. This is one of the best ways to avoid copying and in turn grow.

2. Study the Concept

Instead of stealing an idea, be inspired by the concept of the idea. Study it. Get to know what works and doesn't work. For example if you see someone hosting a fabulous giveaway you may be inspired to do a giveaway of your own. Instead of copying their exact giveaway, sit down and brainstorm if and when a giveaway would be appropriate for you and your brand. If it is then decide what would be appropriate and exciting to give away. Once you've decided all these things then take some time to decide a way to deliver your giveaway that is unique. Remember, be inspired by the concept instead of stealing the idea.

3. Feature

Sometimes when we are in complete awe of a person we can inadvertently take on their mannerisms, ideas, and even their language. This can easily come off as copying. To avoid emulating try featuring the person on your site. Get to know them on a deeper level. Interview them to find out what pieces of advice, tips, and techniques you can share with your audience and use to enhance your brand, business, or blog. Sometimes this can be the difference between making a friend or an enemy.

How do you avoid intentionally or unintentionally copying others?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hello, Fall

If you don't have a life outside of building your brand, you're not doing it right! The reason many brands stand out is because they show others by experience how to live the life of your dreams. Living is branding. So if you're building a brand don't forget to live it! In honor of practicing what I preach...

Summer has been brutal and I'm welcoming Fall with open arms. Life is way more than pretty Instagram pictures so I'm giving you a sneak peek into what I'll be doing this Fall before the photos drop, because you know they're coming right? Check below for what's on my to do list for Fall.

Fall To Do List

1. It doesn't get more cozy in Fall then grabbing your favorite blanket and snuggling up to read a good book. I've had my eyes on Paper Towns and I'm excited to grab a copy of it for a good Fall reading session, PSL in hand of course.

2. Speaking of snuggling, hubby & I can't wait to cuddle up and watch the return of Once Upon a Time. I'm definitely a binge watcher, but I'd feel too left out to wait for the whole season to pass before I watch it.

3. All the adventure. That's exactly what will be going down when I take a special trip here. Over the last few years going there has gained a truly special place in my heart. I'd definitely recommend you 

4. I absolutely love Apple Pie and I can't wait to test out some new recipes. This apple pie cupcake recipe especially caught my eye, so it will be first on the list of things to make.

5. Fall's not Fall without fashion. This Fall F is for fringe. I'm looking forward to adding a little fringe to my wardrobe. I'm thinking I'll ease into it with this cute purse.

What's on your to do list this fall?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Social Media Digital Swag Bag

You ever watch the red carpet before an award show? Remember seeing the room celebrities all gather in to get gift bags full of products and gadgets? Well to thank you for all of your support I wanted to give you the celebrity treatment for today by providing you with a social media digital swag bag of every resource I've provided here on the blog. Each of the posts listed below comes with a free downloadable to help you take your first action steps toward building a brand that will delight and inspire a beautiful lifestyle. I hope you will enjoy! Oh, and if you have a bestie that you'd like to share your goodies with, be sure to share where they can download these goodies for themselves.

Social Media Digital Swag Bag



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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to Grow Your Brand on Periscope

We all have our things, and well, branding for millennial creatives is mine. Branding for us millennials is easier and more complex then ever before. With the help of social media we are able to get our brand out across the world more than ever. In the same breathe, we risk getting lost in a sea of brands and never being seen. I'm all about positive thinking, but at the same time I know that you need strategy if you're going to succeed and stand out in the social media world. 

You want to create a brand that can stand out across any and every social media channel no matter the concept. We'll talk more later about how to make your brand translate easily across social media channels, but today we're focusing on how to grow your brand on Periscope. On Saturday I finally took the leap and took Kelley With Love to Periscope. I have to say, I really love the concept of Periscope. 

Periscope is truly the equivalent of a live webinar. It's a quick and easy way to hop on camera and provide your audience with immediate value. No worries though, Periscope works in your favor too. Periscope allows your broadcasts to last for 24 hours and then they're gone. If you're providing value, believe me, this works in your favor as it keeps you and the value you're providing in demand. So let's jump right into some ways that you can start to grow your brand on Periscope.

How to Grow Your Brand on Periscope

1. Plan ahead

When has planning not ever been a part of the process? When you're building a compelling brand there is no way around a little planning. The same goes for Periscope. I've heard so many people, myself included, say "I want to get on Periscope, I just don't know what to scope about." That's where planning comes in. A little planning can help you take the fear right out of Periscope. Take a few minutes to sit down and write down the topics you'd like to cover and any tips you'd like to share. Survey the material that you already have and consider how you can turn it into bite sized Periscope pieces. To make it really easy on yourself, create an editorial calendar for your scopes. This way you'll know what times and days you have available to squeeze in a scope. Better yet, download this free Periscope Editorial Calendar to keep you on task.

2. Increase visibility

Part of the fun of Periscope is the live participation. If you're planning to get on, make sure you give your audience a heads up. You can do this by sending a tweet, Instagram post, Facebook post, or an email. Another way to increase your visibility is to create a branded post with the Periscope icon and a photo of yourself or log to share when you area about to scope. Engage with your audience as often as possible and encourage to subscribe to your Periscope so that when you're ready to broadcast they are read to join you.

3. Call to action

While broadcasting on Periscope, it is a great time to point people to your list, website, social media, products, or offers. Remember, you're providing value and people need to be able to know where to find you!

4. Watch other scopes

Just like you provide others value on your scope, watch other scopes so that you can also provide value by interacting with the person scoping and their audience. When you watch, and participate in other scopes you'll find that you will make friends who will support you and participate in  your scopes as well.

5. Share other scopes

Share the other's broadcasts with your audience.  Engage with those who provide you and your audience the most value. Reach out to them and work together. Build your Perisquad! Support goes a long way.

Implement theses steps and you'll be well on your way to growing your brand on Periscope. Also, catch my latest Scope 5 Must Know Tips for Pulling off a Seamless Scope here , subscribe to my channel on Periscope (@KelleyWithLove).

Thursday, September 10, 2015

1 Year Blogiversary & List Relaunch

As many of you know, I celebrated my 1 year blogiversary in July. I finally got around to officially celebrating and I wanted to share some fun shots of my 1 year blogiversary photoshoot with you. This year my the goal is for Kelley With Love to increase connection with millennial creatives world wide. For that reason I've decided to relaunch the Kelley With Love list. The list relaunch is scheduled to drop this afternoon and I promise you don't want to miss it. Let's just say there's some squad love, special news, a little head nodding, and maybe even a little dancing. 

I'd love to chat more with you as well. Have you found Kelley With Love helpful in anyway? I'd love to hear about it! Email me at KelleyWithLove@gmail.com to let me know how I've helped you. You can also email me any questions you have or topics you'd like to see me cover here on the blog. Thanks so much for supporting me over the last year and I look forward to continuing to learn, grow, and celebrate together!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How to Create Compelling Social Media Content

Everyone is on social media, but not everyone is compelling. I'm sure you've seen the social media super stars with tons of raving followers. Ever wonder how they got where they are and how they differ from those who just have tons of followers that don't engage? Well, there are a few things. I love spoiling my friends, and that means if I know it, you know it. So today I thought it'd be perfect to discuss some things that you can do to build your brand and your relationship with your audience to create loyal and raving supporters. So in true Kelley fashion let's get straight to the point. Check out how to create compelling social media content below.

How to Create Compelling Social Media Content

1. Always provide value

Compelling content is content that provides value and inspires action. When you provide your audience with value you position yourself as an expert and you give them a reason to keep coming back. Valuable content usually solves a problem, address an issue, or inspires change. Before creating content research your audience to get to know what the need, want, enjoy, and have trouble with. Then research any other brands that may already be providing the answer. Once you've done this you'll have a better idea of how you can help and in a way that hasn't been done before.

2. Give actionable steps

When you really want to take it to the next level, you won't stop at just providing value. Often your ideal client will initially be interested in you because you are providing value. If you want that ideal client to continue coming back and to share with a friend then provide actionable steps that he/she can take to achieve desired outcomes. In essence it's like telling someone the name of the best cupcake place in town and then providing step by step directions on how to get there and throwing in your top three suggestions. See, you basically just went from strangers to best friends in the matter of seconds. That's exactly how you want to connect with your ideal client and become a permanent part of their lives.

3. Show results

The proof is in the pudding. Walk the walk, talk the talk. You get where I'm going here? If you want to seal the deal show your audience that you're about your business. Show them the results that you've achieved by using the value and actionable steps you're providing them. This will show that you are trustworthy, confident, and most of all authentic. This can be in the form of testimonials, reports, or really anything that shows what you or others you've helped along the way have been able to achieve. 

Once you start to implement these three steps you will notice that you will attract your ideal clients, increase your followers, and increase engagement with your ideal clients. Like I said, what I know, you know. Now can I ask you a favor? After you've had a chance to implement the steps above could you come back and comment in the comment section below about your results? 

Can't wait to hear how it works for you!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Ultimate Instagram Kit for Creatives

Hey friends! So you know I can't help but spoil you. There's not a day that I want you to come here and not find some sort of value that will help you build your brand. I hear it can be lonely at the top and that's why I plan on taking you all along with me. If you're a creative and you're serious about building a stand out brand, then I promise to help you along the way. Today, I'm doing that in the form of a special kit that I curated for those like myself who are in love with Instagram. Today's Ultimate Instagram Kit for Creatives will show you how to stand out, engage, and add value using your brand on Instagram. I hope you enjoy it. Some or all of these posts may be disappearing soon so make sure you continue to have access to them by getting on the list!



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