We all have our things, and well, branding for millennial creatives is mine. Branding for us millennials is easier and more complex then ever before. With the help of social media we are able to get our brand out across the world more than ever. In the same breathe, we risk getting lost in a sea of brands and never being seen. I'm all about positive thinking, but at the same time I know that you need strategy if you're going to succeed and stand out in the social media world. 

You want to create a brand that can stand out across any and every social media channel no matter the concept. We'll talk more later about how to make your brand translate easily across social media channels, but today we're focusing on how to grow your brand on Periscope. On Saturday I finally took the leap and took Kelley With Love to Periscope. I have to say, I really love the concept of Periscope. 

Periscope is truly the equivalent of a live webinar. It's a quick and easy way to hop on camera and provide your audience with immediate value. No worries though, Periscope works in your favor too. Periscope allows your broadcasts to last for 24 hours and then they're gone. If you're providing value, believe me, this works in your favor as it keeps you and the value you're providing in demand. So let's jump right into some ways that you can start to grow your brand on Periscope.

How to Grow Your Brand on Periscope

1. Plan ahead

When has planning not ever been a part of the process? When you're building a compelling brand there is no way around a little planning. The same goes for Periscope. I've heard so many people, myself included, say "I want to get on Periscope, I just don't know what to scope about." That's where planning comes in. A little planning can help you take the fear right out of Periscope. Take a few minutes to sit down and write down the topics you'd like to cover and any tips you'd like to share. Survey the material that you already have and consider how you can turn it into bite sized Periscope pieces. To make it really easy on yourself, create an editorial calendar for your scopes. This way you'll know what times and days you have available to squeeze in a scope. Better yet, download this free Periscope Editorial Calendar to keep you on task.

2. Increase visibility

Part of the fun of Periscope is the live participation. If you're planning to get on, make sure you give your audience a heads up. You can do this by sending a tweet, Instagram post, Facebook post, or an email. Another way to increase your visibility is to create a branded post with the Periscope icon and a photo of yourself or log to share when you area about to scope. Engage with your audience as often as possible and encourage to subscribe to your Periscope so that when you're ready to broadcast they are read to join you.

3. Call to action

While broadcasting on Periscope, it is a great time to point people to your list, website, social media, products, or offers. Remember, you're providing value and people need to be able to know where to find you!

4. Watch other scopes

Just like you provide others value on your scope, watch other scopes so that you can also provide value by interacting with the person scoping and their audience. When you watch, and participate in other scopes you'll find that you will make friends who will support you and participate in  your scopes as well.

5. Share other scopes

Share the other's broadcasts with your audience.  Engage with those who provide you and your audience the most value. Reach out to them and work together. Build your Perisquad! Support goes a long way.

Implement theses steps and you'll be well on your way to growing your brand on Periscope. Also, catch my latest Scope 5 Must Know Tips for Pulling off a Seamless Scope here , subscribe to my channel on Periscope (@KelleyWithLove).