Thursday, July 31, 2014

How To Create A Manifesto

If you frequent the blogosphere or are a part of it, then you've heard of a manifesto. You may have even heard of it to a point of dread. Bloggers everywhere have them and you're probably wondering if you need one too. The answer to that is... do what makes your soul feel good. If you do one just because everyone else has one you may lack authenticity which could do your brand more harm then good.

Now, there are a few benefits of having a manifesto such as setting the tone for your brand culture, connecting with your ideal customer, and building your tribe. If this sounds like something you'd like to at least give a try, I can help you with that.

First, know that a manifesto is not hard to do. In fact, my thought is if you're trying hard, you're probably doing it wrong and even's probably not authentic. A manifesto is simply a collection of all of your best beliefs.[Tweet this] If you'd like to create your own start by writing down all of your best thoughts, beliefs, and intentions about yourself, life, and business.

Now,  group all of the thoughts you would like to be reflected in your business together. If you can, shorten the thoughts into phrases. Review your group of phrases and notice how it makes you feel. Also ask yourself if this truly reflects the culture of your business? Will your ideal customers connect to this? Once you're certain share your manifesto, but remember you must also live you manifesto!

Check out the Kelley With Love Manifesto below and save it for daily inspiration.

What are some things you would add in your manifesto? 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mermaid Life: The One Piece of Clothing You Need For The Beach

I have a summer style secret! It's a no fuss, simple yet chic kind of secret. It's too juicy not to share so here goes....

I'm pretty sure I was born to live on the beach. There is something about it that keeps pulling me back. I mean I literally dream about the beach everyday. This particular beach trip was on the weekend I got engaged. I had no clue I was going to get engaged, but when my fiancĂ© said we were taking a weekend trip I wasted no time packing! The more we go away and explore the better I get at packing. For this trip I kept it really simple by packing the one piece any girl needs for an impromptu beach trip - a maxi dress! 

The secret is out, Maxi dresses are very versatile and that's why I love them. A maxi can be dressed up or down when paired with the right accessories! The good thing about a maxi dress is that you can wear your bathing suit underneath if you are opting to go swimming. If you are opting to not go swimming, like I did here,  then all you have to take your shoes off and have fun. I recommend a maxi dress for any body type when altered correctly. 

What is one piece of clothing you don't leave home without when you're headed to the beach? Comment below.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

5 Free iPhone Apps To Keep Your Life Organized

Let me just put this out there; I'm always on my iPhone. What I really love about it is that it pretty much came with every app I needed to keep my life organized. It's so easy to forget this especially if like me, you sometimes have "shiny new thing syndrome" and you love downloading the latest and greatest apps. To help us all remove our finger from the download button and avoid adding more clutter to our lives, I thought it would be helpful to take a look back at what we already have available to us to keep our lives organized! Below check out 5 free iPhone apps that you already own that will help you stay organized.

1. Notes

Perfect for creating shopping lists + recording ideas and important information

2. Calendar

Great for keeping track of events + setting deadlines

3. Clock

Great for setting timers for breaks + timing prayer or meditation time

4. Voice Memo

Perfect for recording ideas or mental notes that may take too long to write or type

5. Camera

Great for capturing memories and inspiration.

Now I want to hear from you. In the comments below tell me if you ever use these apps to stay organized and in what ways?

Life Styling Celebration + {Playlist}

A party is not a party without good music. Click here to get this party started!

So, besides from feeling good I do want us to get stuff done. I want to be productive and successful and along the way I'll show you how to do the same.   Life Style Designer, Thought Stylist, and Celebration Curator, that's me! Before we get into all the fun stuff like style, beauty, and DIYs I wanted to share something with you. Over the past year I've gotten to know and learn from some pretty amazing people. There is one lesson that I've learned time and time again that I apply in my own life.  It's simple, be proactive with your life! That means preparing now so that when those opportunities you dream of come, you're already ready! So here are a few tips to help you get started being proactive and creating a life you love and want to celebrate.

1. Style your thoughts
When you are getting ready for a special event, you pick out your favorite clothes to wear. You choose clothes that make you look good and stand out. Do the same with your thoughts! If you want a beautiful outer life you must first have a beautiful thought life. Style your thoughts.

2. Design your life
You know that thing you've been wanting to do? Go do it! That's how you design your life. You do it being who you are authentically and unapologetically. Live your life for you!

Click here to sign up to receive the Lifestyle Design Guide.

3. Create celebrations
You woke up this morning. Go celebrate that! You may think it's simple, but it's actually a miracle. The same goes for any steps big or small that you take towards your dreams. Two great things happen when you celebrate: you acknowledge the good in your life and express gratitude express gratitude for it. No need to sit around waiting for a reason to celebrate. There are millions around you right now. The more you celebrate the more reasons to celebrate come to you. Just try it. Pop, fizz, clink!

Let's talk! What tips have you used that have helped you on the path of creating a life you love? Comment below.

Make Life the Party You Hope For


Hey there Love!

I've been waiting to share this day with you for a very long time! When I sat down to create Kelley With Love, I did it with you in mind. So I got to work creating a space for you and other up and coming millennial female entrepreneurs. What I love about you is that you're a dreamer! You see a problem and you get to work creating a solution. You know there is more to life then a 9-5 and you prefer not to be limited to one place, space, or position. You are multi passionate. You refuse to settle and you want to create a life you love and want to celebrate. I can totally relate to you in each and every one of those aspects.

Make Life the Party You Hope For

Kelley With Love will serve as a Lifestyle and Style blog with a heavy sprinkle of entreprenuerial and creative inspiration. As an up and coming entrepreneur it is important that you create a strong foundation. This starts by creating a life and style that feels good. When you feel good you are a truly limitless and capable of creating your BIGGEST dreams. 

White Tulle Skirt

With that being said the goal of this Kelley With Love is to keep you feeling good and action inspired. The official tagline and manifesto of is Make Life the Party You Hope For. I intend to help you do just that. From the bottom of my heart I hope you enjoy!

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