Hey there Love!

I've been waiting to share this day with you for a very long time! When I sat down to create Kelley With Love, I did it with you in mind. So I got to work creating a space for you and other up and coming millennial female entrepreneurs. What I love about you is that you're a dreamer! You see a problem and you get to work creating a solution. You know there is more to life then a 9-5 and you prefer not to be limited to one place, space, or position. You are multi passionate. You refuse to settle and you want to create a life you love and want to celebrate. I can totally relate to you in each and every one of those aspects.

Make Life the Party You Hope For

Kelley With Love will serve as a Lifestyle and Style blog with a heavy sprinkle of entreprenuerial and creative inspiration. As an up and coming entrepreneur it is important that you create a strong foundation. This starts by creating a life and style that feels good. When you feel good you are a truly limitless and capable of creating your BIGGEST dreams. 

White Tulle Skirt

With that being said the goal of this Kelley With Love is to keep you feeling good and action inspired. The official tagline and manifesto of is Make Life the Party You Hope For. I intend to help you do just that. From the bottom of my heart I hope you enjoy!

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