If you frequent the blogosphere or are a part of it, then you've heard of a manifesto. You may have even heard of it to a point of dread. Bloggers everywhere have them and you're probably wondering if you need one too. The answer to that is... do what makes your soul feel good. If you do one just because everyone else has one you may lack authenticity which could do your brand more harm then good.

Now, there are a few benefits of having a manifesto such as setting the tone for your brand culture, connecting with your ideal customer, and building your tribe. If this sounds like something you'd like to at least give a try, I can help you with that.

First, know that a manifesto is not hard to do. In fact, my thought is if you're trying hard, you're probably doing it wrong and even worse...it's probably not authentic. A manifesto is simply a collection of all of your best beliefs.[Tweet this] If you'd like to create your own start by writing down all of your best thoughts, beliefs, and intentions about yourself, life, and business.

Now,  group all of the thoughts you would like to be reflected in your business together. If you can, shorten the thoughts into phrases. Review your group of phrases and notice how it makes you feel. Also ask yourself if this truly reflects the culture of your business? Will your ideal customers connect to this? Once you're certain share your manifesto, but remember you must also live you manifesto!

Check out the Kelley With Love Manifesto below and save it for daily inspiration.

What are some things you would add in your manifesto?