Have you been getting the 9-5 smack down lately? Yeah me too, so I thought it would be a great time for us to get out, take a break, and enjoy Spring - which happens to begin on my birthday!  Believe me, you want to take advantage of this beautiful weather before summer arrives, and the sweltering heat has you begging for mercy. If you're at a loss for what to do to enjoy the rest of your Spring, I've compiled a small, but fun list of things to try, wear, and enjoy, before Spring is over. Here's how to celebrate spring like a boss!


Strawberry Picking
Spring is the perfect time to go Strawberry picking. Many cities have local strawberry farms and many of them allow locals to come and pick strawberries for a fee. It's really fun so I definitely recommend trying it.

Okay, before you shoot this idea down, hear me out. Hiking can be really fun! Essentially it's just walking...with a few inclines here and there. It's best to go in Spring so that you don't feel like you'll pass out from the heat.

Reading outside
Don't think I'll have to do much convincing here. A good book and a cool breeze do a soul good.

Host a brunch
You probably see your girlfriends about once a week, so why not have them over for brunch. You'll get to brush up on your hosting skills and have a good time, so it's a win win situation!

Have a picnic
If you're not quite ready to host your own brunch, and want to have something a little more intimate...have a small picnic! Grab a blanket, some great food, some good friends and you're ready to go.

Buying fresh flowers
Why not buy yourself some fresh flowers? They liven up your space, add color, and let's not forget how pretty they are!

Open all your windows
Enjoy the fresh air, unless you have a bad reaction to pollen. If that is the case for you then open the blinds and let the sunlight in.


Wear Florals
Spring is all about flowers, real ones and ones you wear. Florals are always a major spring staple, so wear your floral heart out! I wrote about floral fashion a while ago and everything I wrote about then still holds true now.

Rock pastels
I love color and the best way to incorporate it into your wardrobe during Spring is with pastels. Pastels can be transitioned to summer by pairing them with a bright color of the same color spectrum or the opposite color of the pastel you're wearing. 

Layer up
The warm weather is coming with a vengence. If you like layering, go ahead and get it out of your system now. 

Put on pretty pink polish
Not much explaining necessary here...

Bring out the sunnies
It's Spring! The sun is shining, your sunnies are stylish. Put them on and let the wind blow through your hair.

Let your hair be big and flowy
Listen ladies, I know we love our big and flowing hair, but once summer comes it will be time for ponytails and buns. So have fun with your hair while you can.

Nudes and neutral manis
Nude and neutral manis are fabulous and polished. They fit in with the delicateness Spring brings.


Get smooth legs
Smooth legs for summer are a must, so get your smooth leg routine and test runs down this Spring.

Pamper your feet with a pedi
Just like you need smooth legs for summer, you also need to put your best "feet" forward. Check out how to pamper your feet with the perfect pedi.

Take a bath with rose petals and essential oils
What doesn't sound relaxing about this? Go ahead and do this EVERY season!

Get an instant facial...drink lots of H20
The secret to flawless skin is in the water. Here is how to get soft skin and here's how to make your skin glow.

Do Yoga or Zumba in the park
Exercise can be fun if you find the right type of exercising for you. If you hate gyms, exercise at a park. If you like to focus and relax, try yoga. If you like to get up and move, try Zumba.

Get a bikini body by eating clean
The best way to loose a few pounds to get that bikini bod is to eat clean! Don't got on any fad diets, but try eating only healthy foods like meat, vegetables and fruit through out the week and allow yourself 2 meals of your choice over the weekend and maybe one tasty desert.

Have a photo shoot
Now that you've been working on your body and you've got beautiful glowing skin, celebrate with your very own photo shoot!

What's your favorite thing to do in the Spring?