If you are looking are looking to brand your blog, trust me, I know the amount of resources out there can be mind boggling and overwhelming. With so many resources at your finger tips it can take a lot of time to sift through ones that can actually be of value to you. To help make the process a little easier for you I decided to collect all of my most helpful posts when it comes to this topic into a blog branding starter kit. If you're just starting a blog, this kit has posts that will help you connect with your ideal audience by creating a blog manifesto and a visual branding style guide. Take your blog to the next level with tips on how to take amazing blog photos and tips for a standout blog. Avoid blogger pitfalls by identifying the three things keeping you from being a great blogger and learning tips on how to build your brand through blogging. Stay ahead of the game by learning tips on how to prepare for a blog photoshoot and strategies for an irresistible Instagram. Check out the full list of resources below.

Brand Your Blog Starter Kit

1. How to Create a Blog Manifesto

2. How to Create a Visual Branding Style Guide

3. How to Take Great Blog Photos

4. 3 Tips For a Standout Brand

5. 5 Tips to Build Your Brand Through Blogging

6. 3 Things Keeping You from Being a Great Blogger

7. How To Prep For a Blog Photoshoot

8. 3 Strategies For an Irresistible Instagram

What could you use the most help with to successfully brand your blog?