Do you like getting likes? Do you like getting followers? Well this post may be for you. It’s especially for you, however, if you are looking to build and irresistible Instagram that not only gets likes and followers, but that inspires a sense of engagement and community. Instagram is used for many reasons including for business and personal use. I’m sure you’ve seen those accounts that have tons of followers and amazing engagement and wondered what they were doing differently and how they have grown such a massive following. Well there are many ways that this can be done, but today I wanted to share 3 strategies that I’ve used to more than double my Instagram following and engagement in less than 6 months.

Tell a story
Story telling is a strategy that has been around since the beginning of time. Its main purpose is to foster a sense of connection between people. From the time we are children we are told stories with the use of picture books. Which makes it really apparent why Instagram is so effective. Instagram is an especially useful platform for story telling because of its large visual component. Simply put, we all love a good picture and we all love a good story that goes along with an amazing picture. In some ways we it allows us to live vicariously through others and in other ways it helps us to remember that we’re not alone.

Story telling is the number one secret used by effective brands to connect with their audience in a meaningful and profitable way. In order to be effective with storytelling you must first be clear about what story you are telling, what the point of your story is, and who will benefit the most from this story. 

Use the following exercise to get clear on what your story is and how you will deliver your story

1. What do you want to be known for?

2. Why are you using Instagram (business, personal, both?

3. Write down what types of photos you want to share?

4.  How will your photos be used as a part of your story telling (i.e. – bts, educational)?

5. Go back and assess your current photos. Consider deleting the photos that do not contribute to your overall story/theme.

6. After you’ve chosen which photos you will keep look at your top 6 photos and assess your captions.

7. Of those 6 photos rewrite any captions that are not written in your personal brand voice.

Post consistently

Consistency is important for one main reason - it shows commitment. No matter what type of relationship you are trying to foster, personal or professional, commitment is an important factor. Many if not all relationships cannot survive without it, because ultimately it shows that you care and that you stick to your word. The three things to consider when you think about consistency on Instagram include: how many times do you post, what are you posting about (do you have a theme), and how are you posting (layout/filter).
Time wise and photo wise stay on brand with what you post consider colors

Use the following exercise to create a consistency action plan

1.When is your audience on Instagram?

2. What posting schedule works best for you?

3. Once you’ve chosen a posting time that works best, test it out for a week. Be sure to record your results. Repeat as many times as necessary. Stick with what works best.

4. Think of each Instagram photo as a piece to a puzzle. What is your main theme?

5. Are your photos generally dark or light?

6. What do you need to change to make your photos collectively look more consistent?


If you’re looking for more engagement, likes, and followers well then you’re going to have to engage with, like, and follow others. Don’t get me wrong, that does not mean follow everyone that follows you, but instead it means building a community by interacting with those that follow you and those that you follow. Connecting can be done in many ways including, but not limited to: liking photos, commenting on photos, providing a call to action, and replying to comments on your own photos. If you’re using Instagram for your business then this is also a great platform to discover similar brands to reach out and work with like business/brands.

Use the following exercise to create an engagement action plan

1. Go back to your last 12 photos and respond to each comment that was left under each photo.

2. Research your favorite Instagram accounts and look at their suggested followers. Look at the similarities between the accounts.

3. Follow Instagram accounts that are similar to yours and brands you’d like to work with. Your feed should inspire and motivate you.

4. Comment and like at least 3 photos on your favorite Instagram accounts.

5. Comment and like at least 3 photos on your ideal clients Instagram accounts (hint what brands already have your ideal client? Start there.).

Click to download the 3 Strategies For An Irresistible Instagram: Engagement Action Plan Worksheet

Which of these strategies will you be using to make your Instagram Irresistible?