Making your vision board interactive can have a positive effect on turning your dreams into reality. Vision boards can sometimes be made and forgotten leaving visions we had for ourselves unfulfilled. One way that you can incorporate your vision board more into your everyday experience is by tapping into 3 more of the 5 senses - touch, smell, and hearing.

So let’s chat really quickly about why making your vision board more interactive could help you to fulfill the visions you have for yourself. Vision boards are a law of attraction tool. What makes the law of attraction work are feelings, intention, inspired action, and detachment. It’s important to match the vibration or feeling of that you wish to manifest.

For example, maybe you’ve put a trip to Paris on your vision board. As far as detachment goes, you want to place a picture that represents Paris for you. Then fully believe that you are going to Paris and let go by not worrying about how it will happen. If you know that going to Paris is going to make you feel happy, loved, and inspired then doing things now in your current reality that make you feel those feelings will help you to vibrate on the level of that Paris trip you hope to go on. Taking inspired action may mean getting a passport as an act of faith that the trip is already done. Stay ready and you don’t have to get ready. Got it?

Ok so how do you incorporate the other 3 senses? Well first things first - touch. We’ll keep using our Paris trip as the example. If going to Paris is a dream of yours then you may have dreamed of wearing silk kimonos and ribbons in your hair. You may incorporate touch into your vision board by adding a piece of silk or some ribbon that you run your hand over as you dream of yourself frolicking in the streets of Paris eating all the yummy pastries. Feels good right?

Ok, next up is smell. Now let’s think. How would a cozy night-in in Paris smell? Maybe like a yummy vanilla cupcake from a Paris bakery? Or maybe you’d be taking a relaxing lavender bath while looking out at the Eiffel Tower? A fun way to incorporate smell is to find some candles that fit the vision of how you’d spend your time in Paris. Isn’t this really starting to feel like an experience?

Now we can’t truly have an experience without a soundtrack can we? That’s right, we are incorporating sound by making a Paris playlist. What songs remind you of Paris? Is it Paris, by Ashlee + Evan? Maybe there’s a song that reminds you of that special someone you’d like to take with you to Paris. You could be hoping to make this a girls trip and maybe there’s a song that reminds you of all of the fun you have with your girls. The goal here is really just to create a playlist that gets you in the spirit of your vision.

If you read How to Create a Digital Vision Board and made one, print out a hardcopy of your vision board and create a space that you can put it. Now add all of your other elements so that when you get time you can sit down, see, feel, smell, and hear your vision. Remember, it’s all about having fun, feeling good, and enjoying your interactive experience.

Now I want to know if you try it. You can come back here and leave a comment below to let me know how it felt and what you manifested. I love connecting with you and I can’t wait to hear all of the fun experiences you create and things you manifest.