It's my birthday and I've decided to call this my unicorn year. That's because I want this year to be a year filled with ease, beauty, magic, and grace - in other words, everything I feel a unicorn encompasses. Oh, and I literally got every unicorn themed thing you can think of for my birthday this year.;)

I'm so excited and blessed to be celebrating another year of life. I like to think of my birthday as a holiday, and my husband makes a point of it to celebrate it all month. Some may call it strange, but hey life is for celebrating right? My birthday wish is to connect more with all of you. I started blogging because I had things to share, but the fun part has always been getting to know those who read my blog and find information that makes their life a little easier. In this new year of life I'm excited about just being who I am and I'm excited to share more of that with you.

I've enjoyed sharing tips on branding and aesthetics with you. Now, I'm glad to start sharing more posts about lifestyle, career, and everything in between. Like me, many of you work day jobs and then come home to work on your dreams. I think it'll be fun to share how I'm making it through my journey and I hope that you'll share with me how you're making it through yours. My posts are always centered around making things easier for you, so that will continue to be the theme throughout the things I share. Through this platform I hope to empower, inspire, and bring you a sense of ease and whimsy.

There'll be a few changes to represent the new things coming to the blog, but they'll be slow changes. One of the things I'd like to do is share some of the process and behind the scenes of how I'll implement new elements here on the blog. A part of my process has been gathering inspiration. Check out the mood board below to get a sense of some of the feelings I hope to capture here on the blog.

P.S. - How cute is my birthday cake?