Things are getting a little more whimsical around here and my Disney heart is still dancing after seeing Beauty and the Beast this weekend. My husband thought it would be a great way to kick off my birthday weekend - which just goes to show why he's the best husband a girl could have! We saw the movie at the Studio Movie Grill in Charlotte which made the movie experience that much dreamier, because let's be honest, comfy movie seats and food makes every movie better. I still can't get the movie out of my mind and today I'm sharing why you should go see it too.


3 Reasons Beauty and the Beast is a Must See

1. You'll Feel Like a Kid Again. 

You're about to feel ALL THE NOSTALGIA   Growing up, Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite movies. I was obsessed with the the self titled song. I mean I listened to it for a month leading up to the movie and I'm singing it as I type this now. I even teared up when Belle and the Beast danced to it in the famous ballroom scene, yes because the song is beautiful, but also because that song and the movie remind me of my childhood. Seeing Belle and the Beast waltz around the beautiful ballroom brought back so many memories. It reminds me of believing in happily ever after - of simpler and seemingly more magical times. It was like a reunion with your dearest childhood friends. You're sure to be transported to your childhood with each new scene. We could all stand to have a little pixie dust in our eyes and nostalgia in our hearts. From the unforgettable songs, to the charming characters you're sure to have a feeling of deja vu when you go see this movie. As you see Belle, Lefou, Lumiere and the rest of the amazing cast step on the scene you're sure to take a trip down memory lane.


2. You'll Be Reminded, That Yes, You Belong.

It's no secret that Disney is a master at storytelling. I have to say, for Beauty and the Beast, they took it to a whole new level.  Story telling is about connecting with the audience over shared emotions and life journeys. This movie will definitely give you all the feels. You're sure to see yourself in Belle and you'll identify with the plight of many of the other characters as well. It will remind you that bullies don't always win and yes, you do belong. I won't share any spoilers, but know that you are going to get more of a back story of some of your favorite characters. You'll learn more about the Beast, Belle, their families, and even our favorite kitchenware and furniture. This movie takes you on quite the magical journey and it may even feel as if reality has been suspended even if only for and hour and thirty minutes. We all need a positive distraction from time to time and this is the perfect one!


3. You'll Feel Like You're in the Movie

If you've been following the blog or if you follow me on social media, you know that I'm obsessed with aesthetics. The scenery in this movie was stunning. I mean, I think at one point my husband even caught me with my mouth open because I was in such awe. At time, I felt like I was literally in the scenes with the characters. You'll see beautiful decor, gorgeous costumes (I'd dance in Belle's dress in a heartbeat), amazing lighting, and the list truly goes on. It's clear no expense was spared in the making of this movie. Each scene told a beautiful story. Everything down to the last color used lended to bringing this animated story to life. Even the use of CGI was unreal! I'm pretty sure you'll be just as wowed as I was. Now, if I could just get a tour of that castle.


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Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think of it?