Nap Queen T-Shirt? Yes, please! I found this super cute little number while I was being sucked in on a Target trip that was definitely not meant for clothes shopping. You win some you loose some right? We’re all a few naps behind on the naps we deserve but I try to sneak in as many as I can – so I thought this tee was a must have for my wardrobe. T-shirts in general are a must have for my wardrobe and they should be for yours too!

Here in South Carolina, we’re at the time of the year where you have to layer to stay sane! The mornings and evenings are cool, but the daytime is hot. T-shirts are the perfect layering piece because you can buy them plain, with prints, or even with graphics. T-shirts are a basic piece of your wardrobe and you can find them at an array of prices. I would say always go for the t-shirts made with good quality.

Before going t-shirt shopping, have a plan. I like to have a good mixture of structured t-shirts and loose fitting t-shirts. I also stick to my very own customized color palette because it makes getting dressed way easier. My color palette includes: white, black, beige, blush/pink, and olive green. My favorite thing to pair a t-shirt with is distressed jeans, heels, and a cute leather or crop jacket. What’s your favorite t-shirt look?