Do you ever find yourself asking that question? Trust me it's not just you. As a blogger trying to build a brand, it's easy to find yourself: A). in a box you want to get out of or B). all over the place. When, let's be honest, we're all trying to be like Goldilocks and find that sweet spot that's just right for us. It can be a tough spot to be in. The only real fix to this is time and experience. 

When it comes to Kelley With Love, I've gotten to a point where I no longer have to ask myself if I'm being on brand, but it wasn't always so easy. I had to learn to tap into my very own aesthetic story and most importantly I had to find my voice. The one thing that you have to be careful of is becoming something you're not for your blog or brand. It's easy to find yourself being or acting like someone you're not because you feel others will like you more or that it will be received better. Believe me, that gets old quick. You may even begin to resent your blog and brand to the point of quitting. It's important to remember, that at it's core, your brand is about who you are, what you represent, and your values. 

The key is to be authentic from the beginning. When or if you decide to build a blog or brand and you begin to create your aesthetic story - ask yourself the following questions:  What aesthetic aspect of my life would I like to be represented in my blog? How can I capture and share this? For example, if you've been following the growth of Kelley With Love then you know my brand is all about fun, femininity, and aesthetics. Even when I'm not blogging, you will see each one of these aspects reflected in my real life.

Take this outfit for example. It's lacy - super feminine. It has a little off the shoulder action - definitely my idea of fun. It's white - one of my aesthetic elements. If you look through most of my wardrobe, desk accessories, or even my home you'll find these elements reflected throughout. I find that sticking with what I know and what is true to me has helped me find success in blogging and building a brand. Below I'm sharing a quick guide filled with questions I ask my self when creating content for the blog and building my brand, whether that be blog posts, products, newsletters, or social media content. Grab a pen and paper and check it out below.  Don't forget to share with a friend!

A Quick Guide to Staying On Brand

3 Questions to Get Clear On When Creating Content for Your Blog or Brand

1. What aesthetic aspects of my life would I like represented on my blog?

  • Home?
  • Lifestyle?
  • Work?
  • Style?

2. What in or about my life is the answer to someone's problems? 

  • What skills have I perfected?
  • Guidance & Inspiration? (i.e relevant life stories)
  • Humor?
  • Information?

3. Can I adequately and authentically share my perspective and capture what I want to share visually?

  • Examples:

7 Questions to Help You Stay On Brand (Your Voice + Aesthetics)

1. Am I clear on what I like to share?

  • Topics I enjoy talking/writing about?

2. Am I clear on what my ideal client needs from me? 

  • Problems he/she needs solved?
  • Inspiration, Humor, Knowledge, Creativity?

3. What has been successful in the past on my blog?

  • Types of posts?
  • Types of photos?
  • Types of social media shares?

4. Can I research how interested my audience will be prior to sharing? 

  • Poll/Survey
  • Question on Social Media
  • Question to Readers on

5. Can I pair this with other posts in the future (or link back)?

  • Which posts?
  • In what way?

6. Is this on topic?

  • How does this fit in with the types of posts I share?
  • Is this something I will enjoy writing about/sharing?
  • Will my readers enjoy and engage with it?

7. Does this translate across social media channels?

  • How will I share this across social media channels?

Did you enjoy this? Would you like me to create a worksheet with this information for you? Comment and let me know below.