Creating a cohesive Instagram can be quite the task. Which is one of the many reasons why I wanted to create an Instagram challenge that not only focused on growth, but also on beauty! It takes some real vision, discipline, and creativity to execute an engaging feed. Although it can take time, there are a few simple strategies you can execute right now to give your feed a beautiful boost.

1. Layout

So let's start with the basics. Instagram is a visual tool. This means it's important to have a visual strategy that will draw eyes to your feed. The first element that you can make immediate adjustments to is your layout. When you hear the word layout think pattern. What pattern do you want your photos to appear in and how will this look together as a whole? The focus here is the order of your photos.  

For example, if your account features mainly text try using the pattern text photo text. This will align all of your photos that are not text creating an immediate focal point. Have fun with this. Create a head turning pattern that's unforgettable.

2. Theme

Engagement starts with connection and creating a connection starts with sharing your story. What are you all about? What is your brand all about? Answer that question to identify your theme. Tell your story visually by using your theme. A theme is a common thread that pulls your feed together visually. For example, if your brand is all about femininity your theme might be pink or flowers. If your brand is about luxury, your feed may feature lots of black and white. Your theme should be noticeable immediately.

3. Consistency

The one strategy that can make or break your feed is consistency. Using the strategies listed above will definitely help to build engagement and growth on Instagram. Using them without consistency, however, stunts your growth. Remember to bring consistency to the following strategies: number of times you post, when you post, what you post, and how you post.

There's so much more that you can do and I want to help you and your Instagram have it all. Join me and an amazing group of girl bosses as we grow our tribes and create beautiful and engaging Instagram feeds during the Flawless Flatlay Challenge. Find out more about the Flawless Flatlay Challenge.

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