Styled photos are everywhere and you probably can't pass them without giving them a double tap! Your favorite bloggers and your favorite brands share them and you wish you could too. If you're an entrepreneur or just a girl that likes beautiful things, you may have even pulled your hair out at some point trying to figure out how to capture one.

The truth is, styled photos may be easier to take than you think! The key to the best styled photos is authenticity! Focusing on styling what is real can not only upgrade your photos and your brand experience, but also your life. Yes, your life! 

People are attracted to styled photos because they highlight the beauty of products, the beauty of moments, and the beauty of desired lifestyles. What if I told you you could create those types of photos for your customers while creating that desired lifestyle with those awe worthy moments for yourself?  

It starts with only buying products and having experiences you love and then capturing them. Also, it means choosing items that you use in everyday life that are of good quality. Check out 5 everyday items you can use to create styled photos that pop below.

1. Planners 

We all use them, or at least it starts out that way! Planners are functional, but they can also be fancy. Buy yourself a quality planner because they make great photo props and they're real life tools we use daily.

2. Pens & Pencils

I have a natural affinity for pretty pencils and pens! I literally cannot pass them in the store. Gorgeous pens can add an heir of luxury to a photo without much effort. Find some gorgeous pens. Buy them. Use them. Photograph them.

3. Mugs & Teacups

I mean, seriously, who doesn't love a good mug? I find that mugs are trendy, casual, reliable, and sometimes mysterious! Find your best mug or go buy a cute one. Now see how many ways you can capture that mug! It's sure to be a conversation starter.

4. Flowers

Seriously, what's not to like about flowers? Flowers add luxury and life to your environment and photos! Keep a few flowers and plants around at all times. 

5. Your Choice of Treat

People like food! I like food. I'm sure you like food. The thing that we all like almost as much as actually eating food is looking at beautiful pictures of food! Use this to your advantage! Styled photos with your favorite food adds an instant touch of desire & familiarity to your photos.

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