So let me tell you why I'm obsessed with branding...ready?  I love branding because it literally relates to everything. I think we should be taught branding in grade school. Think how much more authentic and purposeful life would be. I think I have a bit of a different perspective on branding and I've decided to share it with you today. When we think of branding it's easy to relate it to entrepreneurs and business. I admit I do too, but I also view branding as a very valuable lifestyle tool. Branding is about creating an authentic experience for your audience, and lifestyle branding is about creating your own authentic experience. Even if you're not looking to become an entrepreneur learning how to brand yourself is an invaluable tool that will help you to not only create the life of your dreams, but also help you land the job, opportunities, and relationship of your dreams as well. By now I'm sure you're wondering, "Well how do I apply branding to my life?" I'll show you my top three lifestyle branding tips to get you started below.

How to Improve Your Lifestyle Through Branding

1. Define Your Life Purpose

The starting point of creating a brand is defining a purpose. Purpose is created from our beliefs, values, views, and goals. Any successful brand has a defined purpose because purpose provides direction. Finding your life purpose may seem overwhelming, and believe me it can be. Just start small. Even if you only know what your purpose is today, go with it! Continue to work at it until your purpose becomes clear to you. Consider your dreams, what you value, and what goals you'd like to help guide you in finding your purpose.

2. Define Your Ideal Life

In branding, it's all about knowing what type of experience you can provide.  In life, it's good to know what type of experiences you'd like to have. Even if you don't know your life purpose I'm sure you've dreamed of an ideal life. Take some time to sit down and write how you imagine your life to be. Brainstorm the type of experiences you want to have. Remember, knowing your purpose before hand will help you with direction, but don't let not yet knowing your purpose stop you from dreaming about your ideal life and making it a reality

3. Explore Your Style

Visual communication is one of the major ways brands communicate. As humans, we tend to be very visual. We are usually attracted to something visually, before we have a chance to partake in the experience of that thing. Exploring your style of fashion, beauty, home decor, and more can help you learn to communicate visually like a pro. Sometimes visual communication is all we have when making a first impression, so take some time to really get to know your style.

Explore these tips and live them! I hope this will help you change your perspective on branding and how helpful branding can be to you even if you don't own your own business. These first three lifestyle branding tips will definitely help you improve your lifestyle.

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