Numbers aren't everything. In fact, focusing on numbers can sometimes be a downfall for a brand. When I started creating my Instagram social media plan for the Kelley With Love brand I was heavily focused on numbers. From what I could see those brands with a huge following seemed to get the most opportunities and as bloggers and entrepreneurs that's what we want right? Well that's what many people want you to think. I'm sure you've seen the courses that promise to help you double and even triple your Instagram numbers. While growing your numbers is definitely helpful, one thing many of these webinars and trainings leave out is the importance of engagement while you build your following.  Engagement is the game changer between those who have numbers and those who have communities. If you hope to one day work with big brands and be offered or pitch yourself for amazing opportunities, you'll want to have both with a major focus on the latter. Engagement leads to influence and you'll want to be an influencer as this will place you in a position of authority. So here are a few things you can work on to build better engagement on Instagram.

How to Improve Engagement on Instagram

1. Instagram Chats

There are tons of amazing influential communities on Instagram. A fun way to increase engagement is to search for what I like to call Instagram chat hashtags. These hashtags are focused on building community. One example is #FridayIntroductions. Take some time to research Instagram communities you'd like to be a part of or that you can provide value to and participate.

2. Consistency

You've heard this time and time again and here's another little reminder. Consistency is key. Consistency allows you to build trust and trust allows you to influence. Get consistent.

3. Provide Value

Consistency and value are two peas in a pod. You truly need both to build a loyal following. Providing value gives others a reason to follow and support you. Make sure you give them a good reason.

4. Reply

Once you start to get engagement on your Instagram posts, try to schedule time to reply or even return some likes. This allows your followers to know that you care. Who doesn't feel cared for when their comment is replied to and appreciated?

5. Personalize

If your engagement happens mostly through comments, take it a step further and personalize your comments. Make sure you reply directly by using the commenter's handle. Replying to the commenter by name is also another way to personalize your engagement with your followers.

Try this fun, but simple tips to improve and increase your Instagram engagement!

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