By now you must know that Instagram is all the rage (where is that phrase from, Clueless?).  If you didn't, well no worries, I'll help you get in the know. What I'm about to share with you is somewhat of a hack. It will put you on the express train to becoming a pro at Instagram. It's one thing to suggest that someone create great content, but it's another thing to provide them with a tool to help them create it. The Instagram Editorial Calendar is a simple tool that will make an EPIC impact on the way you Instagram.

How to Use an Instagram Editorial Calendar

Each section of the calendar is designed to help you get specific on what, when, and how many times you'll post on Instagram. Sections include: Post Frequency, Post Type, Captions, and Hashtags.  This Instagram Editorial Calendar can be used to pre-plan your Instagram posts weekly.  Simply start by choosing how many times you'll post weekly then daily. Next, check what types of photos you will want to post for each day. Then, decide on what the caption for each photo will be. Finally, research and choose relevant hashtags. This tool is especially helpful if you're planning to create a microblog on Instagram or if you simply want to make your Instagram irresistible

Download the Instagram Editorial Calendar for free below:

The Instagram Editorial Calendar

How will you use this editorial calendar to improve your Instagram?