We've now entered the holiday frenzy so I'll keep this short and sweet. If you follow me on social media you know I'm obsessed with confetti. In fact, my friends and family think my favorite color is confetti. I can never get enough of it and lucky for me, I know how to make it from scratch. If you're a confetti lover like myself, and you've got special New Year's Eve party plans, then this quick DIY will add tons of excitement as you countdown to 2015. Check out the New Year's Eve confetti DIY below.

Step 1: Choose 2 -3 colors of tissue paper.

Step 2: Fold your tissue paper into a rectangle.

Step 3: Begin cutting (vertically) straight lines at the open end of your tissue paper.

Step 4: Now begin cutting horizontal lines across the vertical cuts you just created. 
*Note - the closer to the edge of the tissue paper you cut the smaller your confetti will be.*

Step 5: Package your confetti & have fun!