The holidays are my favorite time of year. I remember as a kid following my mom around the kitchen so that I could be her taste tester for all of the yummy cakes and pies she was preparing for the holidays. I can still remember the smells in the kitchen and the smiles on the faces of the recipients of those cakes and pies. I remember getting in the car as a family and driving around to look at all of the houses with Christmas lights shining on the dark winter nights. I even remember how excited I would get when it was time to decorate the tree. In honor of celebrating this beautiful season and Christmas holiday, I created a festive list of fun things to do that will get you and your loved ones in the holiday spirit. Check them out below.

Holiday To Do List 2014

1. Add sprinkles to your hot chocolate.

2. Host an Ugly Sweater Christmas party.

3. Kiss under the mistletoe.

4. Make a toast.

5. Drive around to see the Christmas lights.

6. Take a neighbor or friend baked goods.

7. Have a gift wrapping party with friends.

8. Adopt a family.

9. Donate to a charity in honor of someone.

10. Send a Christmas gift by mail to an unsuspecting friend.

11. Decorate a tree and listen to holiday music.

12. Rock a festive manicure.

13. Watch Christmas movies (P.S. - Hallmark has done a phenomenal job playing Christmas movies)

14. Have a holiday photoshoot.

15. Wear sequins, or glitter, or both!

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