Can I tell you a secret?... Life is a whirlwind for me right now! The holidays tend to be busy naturally, but planning a NYE wedding on top of it might be (in the words of Marie Forleo) crazy pants. None the less I am enjoying creating new memories and connecting with the people I love the most for the holiday season. I’d be a mad woman if I didn’t practice using some type of planning and organization in my life right now. Although I’ve always had a penchant for stripes, sparkle, and stationary; pretty planners  are no longer just a want, but a necessity in my life. Adding the title wife to my plate is a splendid addition, but an addition all the same and I want to step into my new role with grace and poise so I’m already looking for a 2015 planner to help keep life for me and my soon to be hubby in order. Check out all of the planners I have been eyeing below and help me choose which one I should start the new year with by leaving a comment below.