Have you ever had so much fun at an event that you forgot to take pictures? Well ,that was me this weekend at my bridal shower. My bridal party threw me the BEST bridal shower ever. The shower was complete with mimosas, Eiffel towers, poufs made of shades of pink and gold, champagne cupcakes, personalized m&ms, balloons  fun games, great food, amazing family and friends, and an amazing location. My bridal shower was held at Nonnahs, in Columbia, SC. Nonnahs is a quaint little brunch spot located downtown in the Vista, a hotspot in Columbia. My guests loved it and couldn't express enough how much fun they had. The best part of all is that I didn't know much about the shower prior to getting there and my bridal party didn't allow me to lift a finger. So are you interested to know how to have the best bridal shower ever? I'm sharing some tips with you below on how to have a stress free fun time.

1. Choose your bridal party carefully.

After we got engaged, my fiancĂ© and I knew that if we had a wedding we would have a small wedding party. When I choose my bridal party, I wasn't just thinking of who was closest to me. I thought of who knew me the best and who would work well together. Ar the end of the day you want the process to be as effortless, fun, and peaceful as possible. 

2. Don't be controlling. 

If you're planning a wedding, or any event for that matter, try not to control every aspect of everything. Delegate, delegate, delegate! You want to know why this is important? It's simple, because you don't want to be the only one stressed out. Remember, the one who always has to have control is the one that ends up with the most stress. When my girls asked me what I wanted for a bridal shower, I simply told them I wanted to have fun! 

3. Let go of expectations.

Because I released the need to control every aspect of the whole weddng process, I was able also able to let go of impossible expectations of perfection. I know all too well about things not always turning out exactly how I pictured. Trust me, letting go of expectations allows for the element of surprise. Surprise is a good thing. The biggest surprise I've had during this whole process is just how much people love me and will go out of their way to make sure I'm happy and enjoying myself. 

4. Invite people you love to have fun with.

This is really a no brainer! Just because it's a bridal shower does not mean you have to invite your whole family, church, and job. Believe me, gifts are not important enough to invite a Debbie downer to your shower. You want to invite a group of people that are really going to show up to have fun! That will easily take away from any mishaps or mistakes that may occur.

5. Get pampered!

Now that you've decided to let go all that's left for you to do is pamper yourself. It's your special day and you'll want to look your best. Besides, the old saying when you look good you feel good is true!

6. Allow yourself to have fun.

After completing each of these steps, you'd think you're bound to have fun - and you're mostly right. However, for me guilt about the things I wasn't doing, like blogging, working on my brand, building my business tried to creep in (#entrepreneurproblems). You want to know what I did to get rid of the guilt? I reminded myself that this time of my life will only happen once! My advice to you if you experience these feelings is to remind yourself of the same and to allow yourself to be free of guilt so that you can have fun!