It's been years (and I literally mean years) since I've been in college, but my college style has stuck with me. I went to the University of South Carolina, which can call for TONS of walking. So for me, college style was all about comfort, chic, and creativity. I find that when I'm working on a big project and have lots of errands to run I often revert to my college style. Usually I'll throw on something that is comfortable, but versatile. This makes it easy to go from day to night in the snap of a finger. Here, I'm wearing a simple button up, shorts, and Converse. I paired these with a topknot and red lips for a casual chic look. The fun thing about a simple outfit like this is that if you have an event later in the evening, but no time to run home you could easily take this look from day to night. Here's how to do that in 5 steps...

How to Take Your College Style From Day to Night
1. Switch out your sneakers for some strappy heels. 

2. If you're wearing a long sleeve button up, roll up your sleeves to 3/4 inches in length.
3. Throw on a few accessories (i.e. layered necklaces, bracelets, rings)

4. Add a fun lip, some blush, and mascara.

5. Switch your bag for a clutch

red lips

What's your favorite go to college look? Comment below.