When I was creating Kelley With Love I had the idea of creating a series called 1000 Lovely Things. My plan was to document 1000 ways to feel good and express gratitude. I believe this is the secret to a truly abundant and happy life. In the spirit of gratitude and feeling good, I want to say THANK YOU to each and everyone of you that has joined me on the journey of Kelley With Love on Instagram. Since launching my blog, my Instagram audience his grown extensively and I recently hit 1000+ followers. This brings me so much joy because I truly enjoy inspiring and connecting with you. I wanted to give back a little by sharing 3 easy steps to connect with others and grow your Instagram audience. Check it out below.

3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Instagram and Grow Your Audience

1. Post often

It's good to remain connected to your audience. I recommend posting at least once a day. You don't have to go overboard posting photos. Just share something meaningful that is inspiring, a solution to a problem, or a real look at your life (don't be too personal).

2. Live Life

You're not going to have anything to post on Instagram if you're not out living and enjoying your life. Take a few photos of the fun and memorable moments, then put the phone away and enjoy yourself. You'll have plenty of time to post later!

3. Post from the Heart

Instagram is a way to tell your story visually. Show off the most authentic parts of your story. The key to posting authentically is to not overthink it! Post what is important to you and inspiring to your followers.

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