I didn't exactly wake up like this, but close enough. I had a fun weekend of sleeping in which it seems I never do. For up and coming entrepreneurs like you and me sleep can sometimes feel like an urban legend. Many say sleep is the cousin of death. I think they're wrong. I think sleep is the cousin of creativity. In all honesty sleep and relaxation should be a top priority for entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs alike. Personally, I happen to know that when I'm well rested I my health is better and so my creative growth.

I rarely sleep in because I usually get up pretty early every morning for work. So on the weekends my body usually doesn't get the memo that we can sleep in.  The weather, however, has been dreary and rainy here lately and so I've inadvertently discovered (and by discovered I mean finally tried it) the secret to sleeping and truly relaxing.

The secret to sleeping in is unplugging. If you're like me and most of the world, you don't go anywhere without your iPhone, iPad, or other some other device (sometimes more than one). This weekend I decided to just unplug and have fun. I definitely recommend you try it too.  Here's what you need to have a fun filled day of sleeping in.

1. Tasty treats

This could be anything from s'mores, fruit, and even macaroons. The only rule is that it must be tasty! My personal fave is 

2. The perfect playlist

A little Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Sheila E, and Katy Perry. Here's a fun playlist to get you moving.

3. Your favorite movies

Lucky for me my fiancé is an avid dvd collector. I'll never run out of things to watch! My favorites are comedies like Bridesmaids and Mrs. Doubtfire.

4. Comfortable PJs

I found the pajamas I'm wearing here at Forever 21. They are super comfortable and I love them because they're so cute!

5. The perfect excuse.

A simple, "Because I want to" will do. Hey, you deserve a day off!

Most of all remember to relax and have fun!

Comment below and tell me how you enjoy your days sleeping in?

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