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Get on the boat, the banana boat! Yes, wrong fruit I know, but every time I see a pineapple I hear that song. Pineapples are so tropical, they remind me of the island life. I'm loving the pineapple trend that is going on right now in the fashion world. Besides the fact that they are my favorite fruit and they're super cute, when they come in gold I'm sold. Naturally when I saw this shirt it was no brainer that it would be leaving the store with me. I mean how cute is this shirt? I love it! It's super cute and it happens to be the shirt I got engaged in! Yup, so here's the story: My fiancé and I were on a little getaway trip in one of my favorite cities, Charleston, SC. The previous week had been very stressful and I had a lot going on while also planning for my blog. 

My fiancé thought it would be a great idea to take some photos while in Charleston for my style posts. So we headed to Charleston, camera in tow, and took some fun shots around the colorful and charming city! Once we were done we headed back to the car. My fiancé told me that he had heard about a water park that he'd like to check out. So we headed to the park where we sat and watched boats go by and laughed and talked about life. We got up to leave, or I got up rather because when I looked down my fiancé was on his knees telling me how he wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and asking me to marry him. And here I thought the highlight of the weekend would be buying my new iPhone! Boy was I wrong! I said yes and then I saw my sparkly ring which I still stare at quite often! The rest of the weekend was spent sharing the news with loved ones and gushing over what a great job my fiancé did choosing my ring. And that My Dear is how the Carter love story began!

Style takeaway - when going away on a surprise trip, pack cute clothes and make sure your nails are done!

Are you loving the Pineapple trend? How have you been wearing it?

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