Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to Style Your Instagram Photos

If you're on Instagram, you've seen it - those perfectly styled photos that have you living life vicariously through the one who captured it. Instagram has a way of allowing you to capture THE very best moments of your life and share them with people across the world. Since I've joined Instagram, I've come across a few tips and tricks I think you should consider if you want to step your Instagram game up. I went from around 700 followers last July to over 1900 and counting. It's been a very steady climb that has allowed me to inspire and connect with people and brands all over the world. When it comes to Instagram, it's up to you to find the beauty in what you're taking a picture of and capture it. Here are some things to consider when styling your Instagram photos.

How to Style Your Instagram Photos

1. Angles make it interesting 

Sometimes boring photos get made way more interesting by being shot from a different angle. Think about the perspective you want your photo of to be seen from. Everything doesn't look appealing with a straight front shot. 

2. You had me at peekabo

Show a sneak peek or part of something that you want to share with your audience.
This is a tease and leaves your audience wanting for more, and you know what? They will stick around for big reveal.

3. The big reveal 

No one likes empty promises so if you did a sneak peek be sure to follow up with the big reveal and make it pretty!

4. Everything is coming up flowers

There is something about a beautiful bundle of flowers. Flowers are refreshing and add life not only to your life but also to your photos. When in doubt add flowers.

5. Fade into the background.

Consider the asthetics you are going for as a whole (light, dark, multi-colored). Consider what you are photographing. Make sure your primary object stands out and does not blend in(unless that's what you're going for). Stick with solid backgrounds like white or black. 

6. What's on the surface

If you're using a surface as your background consider trying things like wood, fur, and tile. These types of surfaces add texture and dimension to your photos 

7. Birds of a feather flock together 

If you have several things that you'd like to photgraph (i.e - nail polish, books, etc). Group the like items together. Grouping can add a cohesive look to your photos.

8. Things fall apart 

On the opposite end of the grouping spectrum is spacing.  Spacing can add a fresh and clean feel to your photos. If you're going to use the spacing technique make sure there is equal white space (depending on your background of course) between the items your are photographing.

9. Brand It

Using Instagram to brand your business? Well use any and everything that relates to your business to brand your photos. This means sharing photos that feature colors, quotes, fonts, or behind the scenes photos that relate to your business and brand.

10. Go with your gut

Not sure what to post or how to style it? Not sure if you even want to style or curate your photos? Well go with your gut. Styling can be as simple as sticking to a theme or filter. Styling your photos does not have to be hard and complicated. So go with your gut and what feels good to you.

How are you planning to style your photos for Instagram?


  1. Great post, thanks for the tips! I definitely can use these when posting to IG! I usually give a blog post sneak peek and then big reveal, and then I somewhat randomly post other things, but I definitely need to get on more on a schedule so my IG page looks more uniform.

  2. I love taking photos at angles. You gave alot of other options too, I'm always looking to improve my visuals. Thanks for the great tips!!

  3. This post was right on time because as you probably realized, I have been stalking your Instagram page exactly for the reasons you mentioned. What do you use to capture your photos, digital camera or camera phone?

  4. Was just headed to Tj Maxx to pick up some accent pieces for my blog teaser posts! I wanted to do white fur but now that it's spring I want something that better suits the season.

  5. Love the tips! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Fabulous post! I love how you provide an array of way to stylize Instagram photos! "A Beautiful Mess" is another great app that helps enhance the artistic quality of IG photos! #BLMGirls

  7. Your tips are great and can also come in handy for everyday photography! #BLMGirls

  8. This is a great post! I am ready to step up my Instagram game and will definitely be using these tips! #BLMGirl

  9. Your tips are very helpful! I need to step my Instagram game up in a major way! Thanks for sharing! I saw you at the Pose N' Post Symposium in Columbia. What a small world! #BLMGirl

  10. Great tips, I love looking at all the great pics on IG.

  11. Great advice! I am going to try to incorporate more of these suggestions.