Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How To Style Your Desk

Desk Decor

No matter how frivolous it may seem a pretty and organized space can and will inspire more creativity. Last week I gave you a tour of my desk and thought it may be helpful to give you some easy-to-do tips for styling your own desk. Remember, there’s no exact science to this. It’s really all about having fun. I’ll help you get started with some fun tips and building blocks.

Before you begin.
Before you begin styling your desk a little planning is in order. It’s good to get an idea of how you would like your desk to look. Is there a certain feeling you’re going for? Is organization the key to productivity for you? If so, you’ll want to consider those things before you begin. These are other things you’ll want to consider:
Being organized really should be at the top of your list when you begin thinking about styling your desk or else your desk will just turn into a junk drawer. You’ll want to be strategic in placing things on your desk while still leaving ample space for working on a computer or even writing down your to do list. You’ll also want to make sure that you have space to put a drink if you should need one or flowers without spilling any liquids. At the end of the day your desk is for you to work at accomplishing all of those big goals and dreams you have. Styling should not be done for show, but for keeping you inspired and motivated.
Color Palette
The best thing about having a styled desk is that you get to customize it to your liking. One of the fun parts of customizing is picking out your favorite colors to incorporate on your desk. In general I like to pick between 1-4 colors. Out of those 4 colors I find that I tend to gravitate more towards two colors. For example, the 4 colors I chose were white, pink, gold, and black. I find that because white is my base color by default, I tend to buy accessories in pink and gold. I find that black shows up mostly in my space as a pattern or on prints that I like.
Desk accessories are not limited to just staplers, pencil holders, and scissors. Get creative and add texture to your space. Texture can be incorporated in the form of a fun rug or pattern.
Life & Light
The ultimate goal for styling your desk is so that you can stay uplifted and inspired. While there are many ways to do this, when it comes to styling I find that a few things work best for me. This first thing is to add life to my space. By life, I mean another living thing. My favorite living thing to add to my space is flowers. I love flowers and their beauty keeps me inspired. The second thing is placement. When I got my desk I was very strategic in where I placed it. I made sure I was by a window so that the sunlight would shine on my desk. I love to feel the warmth on my skin and it’s great for the flowers. The third thing is inspirational quotes.  I love to surround myself with quotes that keep me motivated and remind me to keep working towards my dreams no matter what.

Desk Decor

Here are the building blocks you’ll need to begin styling your desk: 
A is for Agenda
If you plan to be productive at your desk, sometimes getting a stylish planner to keep track of goals, to do lists, important dates and more can be very helpful. I’m currently using the Kate Spade 2015 Agenda. You can find a similar one here.
B is for Books
Find a few books to keep on your desk to read during breaks. Never stop learning.
C is for Cup
Find a cute cup or mug to keep yourself hydrated as you work. Your cute cup can also serve a dual purpose and act as a pencil holder.
D is for Desk Accessories
From staplers, to scissors, to paper clips, the choices for desk accessories are endless, have fun!
F is for Folders
Folders are great for organizing your most important documents. A fun way to add a little chic to a folder is to add a fun print like stripes or polka dots.
P is for Prints
Art is a fun and easy way to liven up your space without having to do too much work.
S is for Storage
Keeping your desk organized is key to staying productive. Look for stylish trays and mugs to keep your pencils and papers organized.
Desk Decor

And there you have it, all the tools you need to start styling your desk now!


  1. Great post it's true that organizing and styling brings on more creativity. #‎BLMGirls‬

  2. I always love to see images of beautifully styled desks and bookcases. Howeverbutcomma I have such a hard time finding a balance between utility and a pretty organized space. Thanks for the tips! #BLMGirls

  3. Can't wait until I have space for a desk. Right now my kitchen table is serving as my desk. Definitely bookmarking this post for future inspiration!

  4. This post was just for me! As of now, I use my night stand because I haven't gotten a desk and it's sooo cluttered. I'm constantly looking on Pinterest and Google for photos of ideas but I like that your post breaks down how to even come up with ideas. I have so many girly things in mind now, lol. Thanks for this!! #BLMGirls

  5. LOVE!! I have been PINning and grabbing ideas for my dream office and this is definitely getting added to the collection!! Thanks so much!

  6. This is right on time. I finally got my dedicated office space back and I'm trying to style it now. Great tips!