It's National Coffee Day!

Keurig K15

As much as I love coffee for all the many delicious flavors, I love it even more for it's social benefits. I mean, who doesn't love to chat over coffee? I love going out for coffee, but sometimes I love staying in to enjoy coffee even more! My Keurig makes it super easy to do just that. Not only that, but it's compact and beyond cute.  It definitely makes it easy for me to tap into my inner barista whether I'm having my friends over or spending a cozy day in with my husband. I love making Chai Lattes and Hazelnut coffee, and my husband love the Veranda Blend.

Special thanks to Keurig Green Mountain Coffee for making sure I have all the coffee all the time, especially for National Coffee Day! I'm obsessed with Keurig's because they're fun to use and they make the perfect gift! There are so many sizes and colors choices you can't go wrong.

 Check out my three favorite Keurigs and Green Mountain Coffee K Cups below:

1. Keurig K15

Keurig K15 Black

The Keurig K15 is perfect because it's compact and can fit into smaller spaces. This is the perfect gift for graduation! This model comes in 5 different colors including platinum, and chili red.

2. Keurig K250

Keurig K250 Black

You all know I'm all about aesthetics and the Keurig K250 does not disappoint. This would be the perfect gift for the coffee loving fashionista or interior decorator in your life. It comes in 8 different colors including turquoise and violet. How chic?!

3. Keurig K475

Keurig K475

In this day and age all the best gadgets have customizable settings, including the Keurig K475. What I love the most is the separate settings for special beverages like two of my faves: hot chocolate and chai latte. This gift is perfect for any tech lovers you know!

My favorite K Cups are Breakfast Blend, Chai Latte, and Veranda Blend (hubby's fave).

Now that you've picked out your favorite Keurig, grab a cup of coffee and let's catch up. Many of you keep up with me on Instagram, so you know I've been taking a very intentional break. Earlier in the year I did a reader survey to find out exactly what you wanted to see more of on the blog. Some of the responses I expected and some surprised me. The most surprising response was that you all wanted to see more of me and know more about me. I was flattered, but mostly shocked.  In some ways I was purposely leaving  myself out of it.  All of this time I was so focused on blogging things that would be of value to you that I forgot to share a little of me. 

After realizing this, I decided to take a break and go back to the drawing board to give you a little more of me. I had to consider what you asked for, but I also what I was comfortable with. I wanted to learn how to share my experiences in a way that is valuable to you. For me there was no better way to do that than to travel, read, spend time with family, and really immerse myself in living life. With that being said, welcome back to the blog! I'm so excited to share, learn, and grow with you. Stay tuned for new content! Now go have all the coffee!