chunky sweaters

This year I decided to take the guess work out of always having to decide what to wear. I mean I'm sure you've been there.  You know you have someplace to go so you envision an outfit in your head that you'd like to wear. You put it on, and that's when it happens. You hate it. It doesn't look how you thought it would. Then you get into a frenzy of trying to pull a look together at the last minute. The struggle is real. Believe me I know. I decided to end the struggle this year, because well, I have important things I want to do. Wasting time on unnecessary frustrations like what I should wear is not optional. So this year I set some style goals. So here's what my goals are.

Style Goal One: Choose a color palette

This year I decided to create an easy wardrobe that I loved. So what's the first thing an Aesthetic queen does? Well she chooses a color palette of course. I've decided that I want a classic color pattern made of neutrals, golds, and pinks. The idea of it excites me,  because the colors I've chosen are pretty much colors you can find year round. The fun thing about them is that they come in different hues depending on the season and they go with everything and with any skin tone.

Style Goal Two: Know silhouettes

Knowing what works for your body will save you so much time and energy! It makes shopping and choosing your outfits super easy. One of my favorite silhouettes is the peplum silhouette. I also enjoy flowy pieces. Check out your favorite fashion bloggers and tune into fashion week to learn about the many different silhouettes available to you.

Style Goal Three: Choose 1-3 uniforms

I'm still working on this goal, but I have to say, choosing uniforms makes knowing what to wear and when as simple as it gets. Choosing a uniform for me simply consists of choosing a top or bottom and shoe that works well for my body and getting those pieces in more than one color. This allows for easy mixing and matching. Think of your uniform as your base. One of my favorite uniforms is a tulle skirt with a crop top and heels. See how I pull off the tulle skirt uniform here.

Style Goal Four: Buy quality classics

There are some pieces I encourage every girl to have. Like black heels, a little black dress, a little pink dress, a good white blazer, a black blazer, and a trench coat to name a few. When buying these pieces I encourage you to spend a little extra on quality, because these are timeless pieces you can always use.

Style Goal Five: Stock up on basics

Unlike the key classic pieces, when it comes to basics like tees, it's okay to spend a little less. These are pieces that you don't have to splurge on. They are usually always on sale and pieces that you'll likely want to replace ever once in a while anyway. Because they are always on sale go ahead on stock up on them now and that way you won't have to buy them for a while.

So if you're still wondering why you need to set style goals, I'll tell you why. Goals lead to clarity and clarity leads to focus, even when it comes to style. When your style is focused and effortless it's easy to stand out and turn heads.  Plus, when you have style systems in place it leads to more free time to do all of the important and fun things you want to do in life. Download your free style goals printable to get clear on your style goals for 2016.

Comment below and tell me what your style goals are for 2016?