We're living in a hashtag world and I'm here to help you navigate it. If you're an avid Instagram or Twitter user (more recently Facebook) then you know there's no escaping the hashtag. There's no reason you should want to either! Engaging is key when you're looking to build relationships and that's the beauty of using hashtags. They give you the opportunity to engage with others instantly and that's what so amazing about them. Currently Instagram allows 30 hashtags, but if you use them effectively you won't have to use nearly that many. There are a few key tricks to getting the most out of your hashtags and that's what I want to share with you. Check out how to use hashtags below.

How to Use Hashtags

When looking to connect with Your favorite brands..... 

If you're looking to connect with your favorite brands one of the best ways is to participate in their communities by using their hashtags. It's pretty easy, here's what you do:

1. Make a list of your favorite brands
2. Find them on Instagram and check their profile or posts to find their hashtags
3. If your favorite brands use multiple hashtags figure out which ones will correlate with the photos you will share
4. Use your favorite brand's hashtags when you share photos that relate to the hashtag

When trying to find your ideal audience.....

If you're looking to find followers and engage with your ideal audience/clients on Instagram hashtags can be very helpful. Here's how to make the most out of them:

1. Identify companies and brands similar to yours. 
2. Once you've identified a few brands you like go to their Instagram profile and check out similar brands by clicking the arrow next to the follow button on their profiles
3. Now check out the followers for the brands similar to yours and like, comment and even follow some of the users following those brands - it's likely they are a part of your ideal audience

When you want to connect with like minds....

If you're looking to connect with like minds and sometimes even connect with brands using hashtags to participate in twitter chats can be useful. Here's how to engage using hashtags:

1. Identify the brands or types of peers you'd like to connect with.\
2. Research to find out if those brands or that group peers hosts any twitter chats
3. Identify the time of the chat and the appropriate hashtag to use in order to participate in the chat 
4. Actively participate in the chat!

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