One of the main ways that I love communicating with others is visually. I'm a visual communicator of sorts. I always have been. It's been validated through my love of color, style, and even through my facial expressions which sometimes convey exactly what I'm thinking without me having to say a word. I've even been able to grow my brand by visual communication. The question that I get asked the most is: "How do you take such great photos?" The simple answer to that question is that I often plan photoshoots. Doing this has allowed me to become great at capturing stunning photos even on the go. Today I'm sharing how you can plan the perfect photoshoot and take stunning photos too! Check it out below.

How to Plan the Perfect Photoshoot 

1. Create Your Story

Before you even begin to plan a photoshoot, it's a good idea to know what story you are trying to tell. When it comes to branding and shooting editorials, many companies rely on story boards. It's a visual way to bring to life the story they are trying to tell. It's a way to know ahead of time if your story will convey the feeling you want your audience to feel.  Take some time to think about what the purpose of your photoshoot is (your why) and how you will tell your story.

2. Find a Great Photographer

Now there are tons of ways to find a photographer including: word of mouth, googling, and even asking a friend to take your photos. The point that I'd like to make here is that you have good chemistry with your photographer. More importantly you have to be sure that your photographer can capture the feel & look you are going for. If you need to hold a mini interview! Discuss with the potential photographer what you're looking for, ask questions, and ask to see a portfolio.

3. Plan Your Photoshoot Wardrobe

If you or others will be featured in your photoshoot then take some time to choose outfits that will be appropriate for the story you have chosen to tell. Do this ahead of time. I'd say have your looks chosen 2-3 weeks ahead to allow time for any cleaning or alterations that may be needed. I alway recommend planning more than enough outfits in case of accidents. 

4. Secure Photoshoot Props

Whether you are featuring humans in your photoshoot or not, it's likely you'll need some sort of props. This is why it's really important to know your story early on so that you can plan for the intimate details that will make your photos pop. Props can be anything from accessories, to plant, to food. Consider what kind you'd like to use and plan to secure thee items ahead of time.

5. Scout Locations

Sometimes a stunning location can really bring a photo to life. Location is a part of the story. So make sure you find locations that support the story you are telling. Take sometime to brainstorm ideal locations. Once you've done this make a day of searching for locations. Also make sure that you will be able to shoot photos at the location you have chosen.

6. Watch the Weather

We all know that weather is unpredictable, so create a plan B in case of bad weather. If you are taking your photos outside, depending on the season, you will also want to shoot at the time you'll be least affected. Believe me, it can be hard to smile and pose if you feel miserable from being too hot or too cold.

7. Beat the Crowd

If you've found a really cool public location, do your photoshoot early. This will allow you to beat the heat (if you live in the south you'll understand), harsh sunlight, and, crowds. 

8. Take a Trial Run

I'm a firm believer in working out the kinks ahead of time, blame it on my mom! Doing a trial run of your photoshoot will give you a good feel of the area. It will allow you to practice being in front of the camera, and it will give you confidence to rock you official photoshoot!

Which of these tips will you be incorporating to help you plan for your next photoshoot?

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