4th of July Outfit Ideas

I absolutely love helping you ladies and that help is not limited to just your blogs and brands! You know what they say and of all work and no play and that's why today we're talking fashion. I love helping to create outfit ideas because I get to share a little bit of me with you. There's no perfect time for some outfit inspiration with the 4th of July coming up this weekend. Whether you want to keep it chic or go a little more festive I have few looks that can work for just about any 4th of July activities.

Look #1 - The Canadian Tuxedo 

Denim on denim is usually referred to as "The Canadian Tuxedo." This is one of my favorite go to looks and any variation of it is perfect for the forth. With this look it's easy to be patriotic by throwing on a few red, white, or blue accessories.

Look #2 - The Bohemian Doll

Bohemian just got an upgrade. Being bohemian is all about being fun and free. This fun cut out dress with some Keds and a cross body is easy to through on for a fun day with family and friends! Bonus: If you're going to enjoy some pool or beach time this dress can act as the perfect cover up until you're ready to reveal your fabulous swim wear and beach body.

Look #3 - The Classic Contender

I love a good timeless classic and this look is it. A good pair of distressed denim  shorts matched with a white tank and a pair of converse is an easy look to throw together. It's a no brainer really. This look just works. It's perfect picnics and outdoor concerts with you bf or besties. 

If you're looking to add just a touch of color outside of your outfit you can try these monochrome manicures:

1. White - Essie, Blanc
2. Red - Essie, Lollipop
3. Blue - Essie, Butler Please

You could also mix and match the colors to spice things up a bit.

4 of July Nails

If nail polish isn't your thing then try this simple tip:

Wear a bold red lip! This is sure to make whatever you wear pop. Plus, it's a quick way to add a little glam with a lot of impact!

Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo by kelleywithlove featuring a concealer

What are you planning to wear for the forth of July?