With so much going on around us, it can be easy to get caught up in our never ending to do lists. The truth is sometimes life can be overwhelming and we can become burned out leaving us feeling lost, hopeless, and even confused about what direction to go in next. The trick to dealing with burnout and overwhelm is finding clarity. I've learned over time that no matter how much you try, without clarity you'll always feel like you're going around in circles. Whether you want to start a blog, business, or just eliminate most of the stress from your everyday routine, clarity is key. Below I'll show you the steps I use to beat overwhelm and find clarity. Check out how to find clarity below.

How to Find Clarity

1. Pause 

When you need to find clarity about any situation the first things it's best to do is to literally hit the pause button. When we don't have clarity we tend to stress which causes even more confusion for ourselves. It's best to just pause and recognize that you need to find clarity. This will stop you from going down a stress spiral that is not of use to you and will only keep you down. When you pause you allow your mind to change from problem focused to solution focused.

2. Take a minute 

Now that you have shifted your mind from problem to solution, take a minute ensure yourself that what ever it is you're facing you can find clarity about it. This is a good time to meditate, journal, or do anything that provides relief for you.

3. Pinpoint 

Once you've had a moment to breathe and reassure yourself that you can find clarity take some time to think about what it is you want to find clarity about. Next, identify what made you feel unsure or overwhelmed about that situation.  

4. Brainstorm 

It's time to brainstorm! You've identified what it is you want clarity about and what it is that has caused stress or overwhelm about the situation. Now brainstorm all the ways that you can eliminate stress and overwhelm and find clarity. What would help you become more clear? What steps could you take to avoid stress? Weigh the pros and cons of each idea you came up with. 

5. Plan & Take Action

You've done the hard work and found some solutions that will help you find and maintain clarity. Now it's time to choose the best solutions from your list. Prioritize your list and then create a plan to carry out each solution. Remember, it's only a list until you add some action to it and clarity takes action!

Which tip above do you need to implement more to find clarity?