There are tons of blogs created every day. That last time I checked the number was around 300,000,000 a year. So yes, when I say tons, I really mean tons. With so many blogs out there if you want your blog to stand out you really have to go above and beyond for your readers. Most of the bloggers that are super successful stand out not only because they have great content, but because they have AMAZING photos. Basically, in today’s blogging game, great photography is a must. For many bloggers this means scheduling photo shoots to get the perfects shots for their blogs and social media platforms. Part of capturing great photos lies in the preparation for those photos. So check out a few tips below on how to prepare for a blog photo shoot.

Have a theme

The key to a good photo shoot is direction. The key to having direction at a photo shoot is to get clear on exactly what it is you’re trying to capture. I would suggest choosing a theme and going from there. Things to consider would be:

What story are you telling?

How do you want others to feel when they see these photos?

What environment will give you that feel?

How does this relate to my blog/business/brand?

Study magazines 

As a blogger or photographer, magazines are your best study tool. Magazines are great to use to study anything from poses, flat lays, and product styling. Take the inspiration you get from magazines and then add your own touch of creativity to make it yours!

Get the best lighting

There is a little secret to getting the best lighting in photos. Here’s the secret: If you are taking photos outside take your photos 1-2 hours before the sun rises or 1-2 hours before it sets. If you do this you’re guaranteed to get the best photos. 

If you are taking photos inside the lighting rules aren’t as strict, but you will want to take your photos near a natural light source.

Pre plan your look(s)

Are you a fashion blogger? Will you be in your photos? If you answered yes, then pre plan your looks. Time is of the essence and if you’re trying to catch good lighting then you’ll need to be ready. Decide on your looks a few days in advance. This will give you time to try on each look, change your mind, or adjust as needed.

If you’re not in the photos then you will still need to plan ahead. Snapping shots of products, events, or locations? You’ll still want to pre plan so that you’re familiar with the area or products you plan to shoot. You can do this by practicing angles, getting to know the area you’ll be shooting and it’s busiest times. Trust me, this will make a world of difference.

Take some test shots

Practicing your photography skills before you attempt a photo shoot is always a good idea. This way you can do test shots to check the lighting and identify any other problems you may have beforehand.

Pick a location

This pretty much piggy backs off of the above tip. If you need to find a location to take your photos, plan ahead of time. Study your city. Drive around. Do this a week in advance. You’d be surprised what types of amazing and creative locations you can find. This alone can add a pleasant element to your photos.

Make sure all of your equipment is charged and working properly

I think this speaks for itself. Believe me, there’s nothing like spending tons of time planning for a big photo shoot only to find out that your camera battery is dying or worse, dead. The horror! To save yourself time and heart ache, check and double check 24 hours in advance that all of your equipment is charged and working properly.