I have to admit, I've always been in love with hi low dresses and skirts. It's never been just a trend for me. When I was a senior in high school, in true Kelley fashion, I asked my mom to make me a prom dress. I didn't like anything we saw when we went prom dress shopping, so I came up with the brilliant idea to show her the design of two dresses that I liked and wanted to be combined. Lucky for me, my mom is a creative genius and pulled it off effortlessly. When she was done, I had one of THE most beautiful dresses to wear to prom - a backless, high low dress. I felt like a princess all night! That probably explains my love for this trend, that's not really a trend. I love the drama that the dynamic design of a hi low skirt gives. When styling a hi low look, stick with something simple on the top to balance out the drama on the bottom. Ciao!