Happy December! I am so excited that the holidays are here. Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday. Yes, it's that serious. Once Thanksgiving is here, I know it's officially time to celebrate. This year, I'll have an extra occasion to celebrate - my wedding. I'll be getting married on New Years Eve, and in preparation I've curated a few holiday posts and style posts to help you get through the holiday season as I prepare to get married. Posts that you can look forward to include:

December Wallpaper Download

Christmas Tree Garland DIY

2014 Holiday Checklist

2014 Holiday Playlist

Confetti DIY

Winter Look Book 2014

and more!

If you're a girl like me that loves to celebrate, especially during the holidays, then these posts are for you! I look forward to spending our first holiday season together and I wish you nothing but amazingness for the month of December. Whatever your dream is for 2015, go ahead and get started working on it now. You won't regret it, I promise!

What's your favorite holiday tradition? Comment below to share!