If there is sparkle around, I'm usually somewhere near by. So when I first laid eyes on a sequin hanger, I knew I had to have one or five. Being a DIYer at heart I decided to try my hand at making one and surprisingly it was easy enough. I love the subtle glam a sequin hanger can add to your closet and the sparkle it adds to a space. In my opinion, it's the ultimate addition of chic. I'll share some quick directions below if you'd like to try it.  If you'd like to share a photo on Instagram of how your DIY sequin hanger turned out tag it #kelleywithloveDIY so that I can check it out! 

Gorilla Glue
1' wide sequin trim (20 yards)
Wooden Hanger

1. Starting at the top glue the fabric to the hanger. 
2. Begin adding glue to about 3 - 4 inches of the fabric at a time as you wrap the sequin trim around the hanger. 
***Tip - Be sure to overlap the sequin trim slightly as you wrap it around the hanger